Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Can Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Revive Old School Sunglasses?!?!?

Our wayback Wednesday news link . . . Very much like the Kansas City football team, the better days of this fashion brand are in the distant past. They're counting on the QB to make them cool again . . . Which is a lot to ask in addition to his ketchup slinging duties. Take a look:

Patrick Mahomes first NFL player to sign endorsement deal with Oakley

Don't be surprised if you soon see Chiefs fans wearing Oakley sunglasses while putting Hunt's Ketchup on their Pizza Hut pizzas.Oakley announced Wednesday it has inked an endorsement deal with Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, the first ever football player for the iconic sunglasses and lifestyle brand."As a player who relies heavily on his vision to be successful on the football field, and is focused on progressing performance, this is a natural partnership for Oakley," Oakley said in a release.


Anonymous said...

The Chiefs better be getting some running backs and wide receivers that don’t beat women and children. And some defensive players that aren’t pussies like the ones last year.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Lulz. The defensive backfield is their real weak point.

Finger-licking GOOD.....Gag!...Blech!...Yuk! said...

Vision? Thought it had to do with the viscosity of their QB's spit.