Thursday, March 07, 2019

Blight Crackdown In The Dotte

Quick look at the effort to cleanup this urban core enclave across The State Line:

KCK wants to increase penalties for code violations

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The United Government of Wyandotte County is pushing to increase penalties for repeat code violators, in an effort to tackle blight. On Monday a commission committee unanimously passed the proposal, which would set penalties up to $1,500.


Anonymous said...

As Mr. Rogers would say it is a sad day in the neighborhood when the TV news, a couple of days ago, reports the conditions of 70% of KCMO streets are rated poor or very poor.

Anonymous said...

^ugh huh....and being that we're still in winter and can't really patch them all until it thaws really has nothing to do with it though. So I mean that survey really is as worthless as you are.

Anonymous said...

248 the pro idiot, they been patched 1000x b4. How many potholes in roads resurfaced in the past 8 years.