Bike Walk Kansas City Questions Answered

The crew responsible for so many messed up and amateurish local bike paths and pedestrian crossings want to exercise influence over the upcoming election. Here's their best oeffort . . .

Bike Walk KC: Where the KCMO Candidates Stand on Bikes and Pedestrians

The word from this local advocacy group:

"This is another important election for walking, biking, and multimodal transportation in general. There are a number of issues at stake, such as inclusion, infrastructure, investment, public policy, and safety. It is imperative that citizens stay informed, stay engaged, and go vote!"

Kudos to this group for excluding their policy director and more strident supporters . . . As they hope to continue their fight against autos and drivers into the general election.

You decide . . .


  1. I’d screw that bike gal real deep and hard

  2. Fuck off Eric Bunch3/27/19, 8:14 AM

    Con artists who believe their own lies and faulty dogma and love justifying and supporting ludicrous taxpayer ripoff schemes.

  3. This is what those gender studies degrees are good for.

  4. Bicyclists don't "stand" on pedestrians, they just roll over them and ride away.

    When are these hypocrites going to change he name of their parasitical group to "BikeKC" and stop pretending to care about pedestrians at all?

  5. Just yesterday I was driving down a rather busy street in the golden ghetto when I came upon a couple of bike riders. As I said this was a busy street with a speed limit of 35 and some blind small hills. These riders were going under 20 mph and slower at times and myself as well as the six cars in front of me had to all drive into the oncoming traffic lane to get around these riders. Yes they were taking up the whole lane of traffic as they rode slowly alongside one another yakking to one another. They knew they were backing up traffic and were causing people to have to drive completely on the wrong side of the road when they could to get around them. But you see they didn't care. No they were not trying to share the road they were trying to hog the whole thing while disrupting the flow of it. Now had they been riding in a single file as they should have been not only would things have been safer for them, but it would have been safer for the cars also on the road.

    If bike riders want to willy nilly ride around on the streets then stay doing so in the quiet residential streets and stay off the main drags.

    I like riding my bike, I like riding it a lot, but I also know trying to ride on busy streets and for sure ones that have speed limits of 45 mph on them isn't the smart or safest thing to do.

    But I guess a lot of bike riders are not to smart from all appearances.

  6. Sharing the road – and the exercise of common courtesy – is important whether you are operating a bicycle or a motor vehicle.

    Sadly the experiment of "sheltered" bicycle lanes (putting a bicycle lane next to the curb with a parking lane to the left of it and a traffic lane to the left of that) is a bad idea that involves more a demonstration of political clout than of good sense or interest in public safety. Not only is the bicycle lanes thus created no more safe than regular bicycle lanes, but they accumulate debris caught between the parked cars and the curbs. They cut down on available parking spaces on streets like Armor Boulevard – where such parking spaces are a premium for actual residents. Because parking spaces are forced out into the middle of the road blocking views, this results in "no right turn on red" – thus foreclosing one of the most important energy-saving rules of the last century. (Judging by the low number of people who actually use bicycles for transportation, the gasoline that motorists are forced to waste because they cannot turn right on red is probably greater than any energy saved by the few cyclists forgoing a motor vehicle.)

    Moreover the decision to move a parking lane out into the middle of the street has the consequence of reducing the reach of fire truck ladders from the ninth floor to the fifth floor – a matter of little consequence unless you happen to be trapped in a fire on the sixth, seventh, eighth or ninth floors.

    The fact of the matter is that these new bike lanes have practically nothing to do with public safety and are merely a matter of tribute demanded by the self-consciously self-righteous few who actually ride a bicycle for anything but occasional weekend exercise. The rest of the world must be inconvenienced – or even endangered – in tribute to their "virtue".


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