Aspiring Politicos And Their Big Promises Running For Kansas City 3rd District

Here's a patronizing and far too nice examination of candidates who probably need to face tougher questions on economic policy rather than just stereotypical crime talk softball sessions. Checkit:

Curbing Violence Is Key Topic In Forum for East Side KC Council Seat

The shadow of a slain 15-year-old loomed over a Thursday evening forum for candidates seeking a 3rd District seat on the Kansas City Council. The Feb. 12 shooting death of An'Janique Wright was part of a conversation about what these candidates would do, if elected, to stem the violence in the district.


  1. Curbing violence might be key topic but it's not going to happen. These criminal kids are treated like special little babies and nothing but excuses are made for them.

  2. Really not very complicated.
    Just take a tip from what has gone on in the past that has been very successful, at least for a handful of insiders.
    Claim discrimination, racism, aggrievement, white privilege, and "not getting your fair share".
    Ignore any responsibility on the part of individuals or the "community" at large.
    Make believe that all will be forgiven and everything will be made better by the infusion of large sums of tax dollars, which will mostly disappear into thin air as in the past.
    Head for 12th and Oak and intimidate the electeds while marching in the streets.
    Take credit for "bringing home the bacon".
    Works every time.
    Just look at Cleaver's track record.

  3. Whats Not To Like?3/2/19, 8:26 AM

    yah it's like, you know, it's like... offer them some donuts and stuff

    Donuts for bullets?

  4. "We have a problem with guns in our society,” candidate Joseph Jackson said.

    I believe it is a people problem and everybody knows who the people are but nobody wants to admit it. The candidates are just recycling to same old failed ideas.

  5. All talk and no walk is what these wannabes are only capable of doing.

  6. If they succeed, the candle and balloon industries will be hit hard.

  7. Should go to the "three (felony and/or physical assault) strikes and you're out" (life).

    Problem solved within two years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. All these people care about is getting paid, they don’t wont anything to do with admitting or solving the problem

  9. Anybody but Joseph Jackson and Pay Clarke.


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