Aftermath: White On White Deadly Shooting In Raytown Allege Police & Authorities

A teen was tragically gunned down last week in this increasingly violent enclave and racists across social media chimed in with typical nasty and divisive allegations. Turns out that authorities suspect white on white violence . . . Take a look:

Man, 19, charged in Belton man's death outside Raytown pool hall

A Kansas City man, 19, has been charged in the fatal shooting of a Belton man outside a Raytown pool hall earlier this month.Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said Logan B.L.


  1. This guy is definitely white trash. He even looks like a highly disturbed person.

  2. First white murderer in two years!

  3. Another "i wanna be a nigga", play badass, white kid. Well now he can be with a whole lot of them! He'll be so happy.

  4. little 19 year old going to be some good fresh fish for a big ol brother in MDOC.

  5. I'm sure the media will hype this because, for a rare change, it is white boys.

  6. Trash comes in all colors. Since young white women are spitting out little bastards too there will be a lot more of these in the future.


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