Saturday, February 09, 2019

Yordano Ventura Fam Still Fighting For EPIC Contract Payout From Kansas City Royals

A bitter battle worth about $20-MILLION bucks offers a real world perspective on the fiscal reality of pro-sports, tragic car crashes and cruel fate . . . Read more:

Yordano Ventura's estate has not been paid his guaranteed contract

Just over two years ago, Kansas City and the baseball world were stunned by the tragic news of the death of young pitcher Yordano Ventura in a car accident in the Dominican Republic.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, he didn’t fulfill his contract, besides, the royals already gave his momma all the money they’re gonna give her

Anonymous said...

They need to contact the King or the Jackson families.
They're expert at shakedowns and living large.
Maybe even get some advice from the 18th and Vine gang.
It's too bad what happened, but continuing to try to cash in makes it all that much worse.

Anonymous said...

My guess is there is a stipulation in the contract regarding the death of the player, and/or the demise of the baseball club thru bankruptcy regarding payouts. That is why god, in all of his infinite wisdom or a moment of insanity, created lawyers.

Anonymous said...

^^^And most likely a provision addressing inability of the player to perform at major league level, i.e. he has to make the roster.

Sounds like his life was a mess. I am glad his daughter is a trust millionaire, I just hope that whoever is her guardian does not pilfer it all.

Castizaje said...

Shes already got 12 mil in life insurance. Sorry familia, the gravy train is over

Anonymous said...

bitter battle

real world perspective

fiscal reality

tragic car crashes

cruel fate

Wow, no cliche left unwritten!

Anonymous said...

That's all she wrote?

Anonymous said...

This is far from over. I don't foresee the estate getting $0 but I also don't see them getting the full amount.