Saturday, February 16, 2019

WIR: Dead-Tree Kansas City MSM Newsy Pundits Hint At Decline Of Their Influence

Old school MSM pundits hold court via public TV and grouse about a disinterested voters -- A situation they mostly helped to create. Meanwhile, there are a few good topics buried in here including these grownups attempting to understand Fortnite whilst the NextGen migrates to Apex.


"Nick Haines, Caroline Sweeney, Steven Dial, Dave Helling and Steve Kraske discuss the perception that Kansas City voters lack interest in KCMO's mayoral race, the absence of city council race coverage, the ongoing gun homicide problem, the local connection to the border debate, the lack of prison guards in Kansas, efforts to bypass the Clean Missouri Amendment and Park University's eSports arena."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

It’s a hodge lodge of ADH. The problem with the media is there is no focus.
There is no real sustainable business plan for newspapers.
It is a correct foregone conclusion they will be all digital relativity soon.

What to do?

Take these steps immediately:

1. Go digital. Be the leader not the laggard.
2. Get rid of the editorial board. That frees up expense, but more importantly gets rid of reader perception of bias and “mama knows best”.
3. Get rid of all paywalls. They are easily circumvented anyway.
4. Get rid of huge buildings. Sell the publishing side or spin it off. (Creates cash) You don’t need it. Keeping it is like an alcoholic keeping a case a whiskey while going to AA.
5. Create cash by advertising implementation with hyper-places ads... contact Google for info.
6. Use a couple senior editors and hire kids out of college for reporters. They can relate and have energy to dive into needed investigations. Do you really think the younger crowd reads gray-haired reporters? Follow the money- old people don’t spend.
7. Hire photographers out of college. Very incredible artistic documentary and creative styles. Old people bring old energy. Follow the money that young readers bring. Old is boring.
8. Use amateurs to bring content. Use those that have followers. Instant readership.
9. Cover politics equally. Have to pass the red face test.
10. Realize change is inevitable. It’s never going to be like it was. Change now and beat your peers.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ That sounds like advice from someone who hasn't been in a news room in twenty years. They're already doing most of that and still not making any money. Sorry, back to myspace with you!

Anonymous said...

Too bad. The MSM has no relevance.

Anonymous said...

7:15... Nope

1.Says Digital- not Digital and paper. No more papers.
2. Star keeps adding to op-Ed
3. Star has paywall
4. Star has big glass building. Get outside sometime and take a look
5. Nothing in McClassskey about google ads
6. Lots of old people on staff. Look at their pics
7. Old photogs
8. No bloggers with followers... at least try 7:15 ... 0/8
9. All libs on op-Ed and most reporting... this is an easy one also
10. 9 haven’t been tried so no glimpse of change. 7:15 0/10

Anonymous said...

^^^ When did your symptoms of brain damage first start appearing?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if the three major local channels had the guts to be objectively critical of local government, holding their feet to the fire over promises and extravagant corrupt largess to cronies, as well as social issues pertaining to violence, rather than pontificating about those bad guns, they would be perceived as something to pay attention to.

Unfortunately, they, like the falling Star, toe the line, apparently afraid of losing access to local big shots (I guess).

If TKC was only disseminated widely, maybe voters would wake up (a little).

As it is, we preach to the choir.

Anonymous said...

hodge lodge ?

hodge podge, fixed

Anonymous said...

Yeah I think giving someone that never comes out of the basement a degree in e-sports is about as bad as it gets. A degree in playing games can't lead to a career.

Anonymous said...

Kansas City Falling Star Week In Review

Helling laments disengaged voters, while simultaneously FAILING to report the truth about the candidates!

Why hasn't the Falling Star lambasted those on the Airport Committee (Justus, Lucas, Reed) and demand they withdraw from the race? Just listen to Kraske as he shoves his head up Sylvester's backside and inhales.

Helling, Kraske, and host Haines live in JOCO KS and honestly don't give a crap about KCMO. Sorry, but the truth hurts sometimes.