Winter 2019 Exposes More FAIL: Kansas City Stays Losing Bulky Trash Pick-Up Too

Average snow falls shut down KCMO and prove this town can't run in the presence of even a minor weather event. Take a look:

Kansas City bulky trash pickup suspended for tree limbs | The Kansas City Star

Kansas City's bulky item pickup service remains suspended as crews concentrate of collecting fallen branches and limbs from the mid-January snowstorm.


  1. The Official City Uniform should be a clown suit and bow tie.

  2. We didn’t want to say anything, but we’re tired of seeing your messes and dodging your potholes when we cross State Line. Please tidy up -
    Your Neighbors in JoCo


  3. Tree limbs, are you kidding? They haven't picked up rusted sewer and water lines from September that are still laying on the side of the street.


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