Will Recall Power Clean Up Clay County???

Upstart Missouri Democratic Party leaders are champion this reform and they've been pushed forward by a coalition of Northland neighbors.

Pushback: Republican Commissioner Luann Ridgeway, who has previously served in the Missouri House and the Missouri Senate, said she opposed legislation expanding recalls in the past and continues to do so.

"It leads to paralysis on our boards and commissions. People will naturally avoid any controversy," Ridgeway said. "We already have recall elections. It's called the primary and the general election."

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Clay County Lawmakers Propose Giving Voters The Right To Recall Commissioners



    And don't bother repeat the same old "cut and paste" attacks on Nolte, discuss why these two are obviously in a panic!

  2. Hey Jason,
    Need new leadership, sure. but retreads from Jeff City who have never even had a real job. No to carpenter and Wilson. Can we get some real leaders?

  3. 9:55 - I'm open - tell us about the legal fees, what were they for, were they necessary, give the details. Until someone tells me EXACTLY WHY the money was spent poorly - why are we making personal attacks? Maybe it was wrong, maybe it wasn't, but just screaming with FB torches aflame without knowledge is irresponsible. So far, we've just seen empty accusations. Stop talking about PISSING AWAY money until you are ready to give all the FACTS!

  4. Problem with large legal fees is when lawyers are making contributions to officeholders. Check commissioner finance reports and you will find evidence.
    TKC regularly reports developer contributions.
    Please report back to us 9:55.

  5. Nolte began his 2014 campaign with a contribution, 2/6/2014, of $5,000 from a mega TIF developer.
    Nolte's October 11, 2018, meeting featured a lecture on TIF from this developer. Nolte failed to report the cost of this campaign event for any expense or in-kind contribution.
    Apparently, campaign election laws do not apply to Nolte.

  6. Read the article, ohoh. If it applies to “all” nonchartered counties, it won’t pass. If it only applies to Clay, Luann’s old senate staffer will kill it via being hired as the county’s lobbyist.

    More pipe dreams by the heavy Cerner bomb throwing boy, and yah, Nolte hands out tif candy like JW blogs on social media, lol.

  7. Jason has no credibility so long as he continues to block people who have differing points of view or who dare question his accusations.

  8. More than that, he blocks certain people's' ability to see his false accusations, so they never know about the lies he says about them. Can't hamdle the scrutiny of truth. What are you afraid of Jason; that people who know the facts might point out your errors?

  9. Nolte tried to give away millions on the Smithville Price Chopper TIFs. Pitch publicity helped kill the deal.

  10. @10:33 - here you go - CLAY COUNTY HAS A LEGAL DIVISION!
    So, there should be absolutely no need to spend 3/4 Million$ on outside Legal Services!
    Or, alternately, there should be no money spent funding a Legal Division!
    THAT is why the money was spent poorly!

    Now the remaining question is why it was spent at all - did the Legal Division decline to file suit to stop the State Auditor from performing her Constitutional duties?

    What is being hidden?
    Why is there such a desperate attempt to avoid an Audit?
    Why is morale so poor among County employees?
    Why are certain favored employees given increased compensation for reduced duties, while others receive the exact opposite?


    These are the answers you asked for, to the extent they can be answered, since the "details" regarding the expenditures on outside Legal Services that you demand are not being released by the County, in apparent violation of the "Sunshine Laws"!

    And, you jerk - my name is not "Jason" and I haven't blocked anybody, so quit trying to set up a strawman to imply this is a political quarrel, I'm just a heartsick County resident who has finally had enough of this malfeasance!

  11. I remember when I was a keyboard warrior, who hid behind an anonymous name. Oh wait, I never did that.

  12. No, Jason, you're worse. If I say 2+2=4 it's still true. Instead, you lob falsehoods about people and organizations in the supposed name of openness and transparency, and yet you hide those falsehoods from the people that you are talking about, keeping them from ever knowing or countering with correct and truthful information.

  13. Why legal fees at this level? Seems high, but here goes. Megan apparently failed to comply with the sunshine law, thus hired a firm to comply. Nolte slamming doors into a female employee, thus hired a firm to handle the hostile work place created by Nolte. And Nolte was popping off to the press disclosing decisions made in executive session so another firm was hired to comply with the law. Why was the sheriff budget cut, cuz a year or two ago they asked and received more payroll for deputies and that money was handed to sheriff favorites.Next the sheriff wanted more cars and the county bought many cars, but since the sheriff rewarded his buddies, many sheriff vehicles were stored in the highway building until he behaved in accordance with budget terms so a firm was hired to defend the county against the sheriff as he keeps saying his budget was cut when in fact, he mishandled prior budgets. And finally because Nolte exhibits strange behavior towards female employees, another law firm was hired to protect the county. ^^^ I googled the county and it seems that the county started having bad headlines in 2015-2016. The county like all other governments have had problems for decades. And Luann and Nolte were bosum buddies back in the day from what I heard, so what happened?

  14. What organization have I lobbed false hoods about? Northland Neighborhoods Inc. (NNI)?

    What’s wrong with questioning why Clay County continues to fund the NNI CEO’s salary when they can’t fully fund the Clerk’s office or Sheriff’s department?

    Clay County gives NNI $75K yearly. That just happens to be the exact dollar amount of the CEO’s salary. (1)

    It’s my understand that NNI doesn’t have a funding problem. Last month the KCMO Housing Committee voted to give NNI $500K (last year it was $250K). At that meeting the CEO and Councilman Fowler told the committee that for every $1 they receive they raise an additional $2. (2)

    According to the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation last year NNI received $1,170,721 from government contributions, $50,974 from foundations and corporations and only $18,513 from special events. NNI’s fundraising expense is $14,892. (3) They don’t have a grant writer; the CEO writes all their grants, so I assume the $14k is for the annual breakfast, monthly lunches for the elected officials or the CEO pays herself to write grants. Either way not a great ROI.

    If the housing committee is giving NNI $250K-$500K what other government source is providing the additional $1M? PIAC? The CEO is also the chair of the PIAC committee.

    In 2018 Council District 1 gave NNI $150K from their contingency PIAC account “for planning expenses in District one (Act# 19-3090-077700-B-07FSBMNT).”

    In 2018 Council District 2 gave NNI $150K from their contingency PIAC account “second district road resurfacing funds” for “home repairs/rehabbing in District Two (Act# 19-3090-077700-B-07FSBMNT).”

    In 2017 Council District 1 gave NNI $150K from their contingency PIAC account “for road resurfacing in District One (Act# 18-3090-077700-B-07FSBMNT).” What roads did NNI resurface? And why would a minor home repair nonprofit need funds for resurfacing anyway? Isn’t that the job of public works?

    So, again I ask, what is wrong with me questioning why Clay County continues to fund NNI’s CEO salary when they clearly don’t have a funding problem?

    (1) https://projects.propublica.org/nonprofits/organizations/431746357
    (2) http://kansascity.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=2&clip_id=11224&fbclid=IwAR2HXv30LC8o_RUzZ_3VW28ZoLD_Rj6GqUVDsJ1nEbcA4Dkpz2x54IRH8L0
    (3) http://gkccf.guidestar.org/NonprofitProfile.aspx?OrgId=1126

  15. Jason, Jason, Jason . . . Why do you create the illusion of openness and transparency, and make some of your posts visible to everyone, and then keep people with knowledge from seeing some of them? Is it to create the false impression that you're right? If, as you say, you are blocking some people from seeing posts about NNI -- you should explain why your position is so tenuous that you are afraid of letting everyone see what you are saying.

  16. From my perspective, it is perfectly fine to argue that the county should spend the money on something else. But we all know that's not what you're doing. In the comments that you won't let everyone see, you accuse people of improper and potentially illegal conduct, which you know is not happening. Why can't you just rely on the force of your argument that it is better to spend the money on item A instead of item B? Why do you have to make up stuff in an effort to tear down people and organizations in the process?

  17. Didn't Jerry Nolte join the other Commisioners in voting to give money to NNI? I only noticed because it's so rare that those three agree on anything.

    I guess NNI can't be that bad after all.

  18. 4:41, gotta wonder why Jason wasn't at the commission meeting where all this was discussed, with full presentation and the ability for all commissioners to say or ask anything they wanted??

  19. Hey Jason, I notice Deb didn't answer the question what roads she resurfaced.

  20. Hey 5:04, Councilman Scott Wagner already explained it . . .


  21. Deb Hermann, are you the one ranting and raving here about Nolte and Jason Whoever?

    Why don't you go back to your lair at NNI and continue dumping cash into the hands of your selected LGBTQ friends so they can put new yard fences up while ignoring Neighborhood Associations who are trying to get the drug houses under control?

    Suspected from the rancor and spite of the posts that it had to be either you or Pam Mason making these false statements!

    A plague on both your houses - the voters told you both to go away, so stop meddling in Clay County affairs! Surely you can get real jobs, there must be some LGBTQSPQRLSMFT Group that can use your "expertise"!

    1. NNI payroll is off the charts, didn't realize they are in commercial rehab and road resurfacing? NNI has no business being involved with 3-1-1.

  22. NNI has a Board of Directors that directs the organization to provide home repair assistance to low income Clay residents.
    You falsely impugn the character of good people.
    How many community groups have Witless and above critics served on?

    1. NNI needs to explain their annual payroll. 370k+ annually

  23. @7:58 So you, surely from your moms basement, solved the case. Can you do Bigfoot next? If anyone can solve this mystery, it’s undoubtedly you, the all-knowing anonymous keyboard warrior.

  24. Jason - interesting that you only go after anonymous posters who are against you.

  25. Anonymous- interesting you can only go after me without putting your name to it. At least when I question something I don't hide behind anonymous.

  26. Hey 758, if you could stop riding coattails of others that'd be great. Where would you be with out Deb dragging you along?


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