Thursday, February 14, 2019

Top 5 Kansas City Heartbreaking Trends 2019

Tonight we want to share a quick list of this town's most heartbreaking and soul crushing facts of life that we hope will change with the help of our collection of lonely hearts.


Sports Teams Powered By Marketing Hype

Patrick Mahomes is great, the "King of Ketchup" deserves high praise but he hasn't yet proven himself as a real life star of the gridiron. Nevertheless, he has been crowned as this town's football savior. Sadly, his spectacular play would be that much enjoyable to watch if it wasn't for so many hyperbolic fanboys.

Partisan Political Distractions

Real students of politics understand that getting personally attached to either side of the same coin is probably  a mistake. Yet the left/right partisan divide has now hijacked the local discourse in order to divert attention from municipal problems that don't fit the national narrative. Like our the 1400 KCMO potholes currently killing tires across town.

Social Media Hype Ruining Great Hangouts

Not every meal, drink or good time needs to share the social media spotlight. In fact, some of the most fun places in KC have been degraded by so many d-bags and their phones.

Segregation Still Rules Kansas City

The greater KCMO area seems more fractures than some of the Eastern Euro junk countries that usually start wars with one another. The division is false and all of these neighborhoods are filled with EXCEPTIONAL people who need to find a better way to mingle than just fighting online.

The Kansas City Murder Rate

The Kansas City homicide crisis is this town's biggest heartbreak, most pressing problem and threatens to be the downfall of the entire community. Those who really love KC know that working to push back these numbers requires the help of the entire metro as this deadly plague of violence is something that can no longer be politely ignored.

And so . . . 

We invite our blog community to share some local heartbreak or, even better, show some love for KC.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


Anonymous said...

The great tragedy of Kansas City is that we don't have enough decent sex clubs for boinking it out.

Anonymous said...

goodnight kc <3

Anonymous said...

One day Kansas City may get a real police department.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Ouch

Anonymous said...

But not until it gets a real city government and, given the roster of candidates so far, that's not likely to happen in the foreseeable future.
The clown show continues!

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Even OUCHER!

Anonymous said...

And mayor

Anonymous said...