Friday, February 08, 2019


Here's more EXCEPTIONAL insight from a KICK-ASS INSIDER sharking another look at the airport scheme that wasn't really a "deal" after all.


The KCI campaign stunt

"We have a deal with airlines.” That was the headline for today's meeting of the City Council's Aviation Committee. Not exactly. Taking questions was Steve Sisneros, Managing Director for Southwest Arlines. Mr. Sisneros said that he is speaking for all airlines involved in the Deal. Who are those exactly? We don’t know. In fact, we learned that Sisneros himself may not know exactly. He said that he “believes” six of the eight airlines serving the airport will sign the agreement by Feb. 25th. He explained that he can't be certain because different airlines have different business models. Some might not sign until the new airport opens for service, it depends. Translation: No deal yet, another promise.

Why did Sisneros, the all-airlines spokesguy, show up solo with this non-deal? Other airlines can’t fly their guy to town? Why send anyone at all? Just send the money shot, the signed contract. Let’s think about this. Who deal-tweeted first? We're closing in fast on the mayoral election. Political fortunes are staked on an airport development project looking like Lou Gehrig’s disease. Time is not a friend. Did someone convince Sisneros to make a campaign appearance now because that's easier than dealing later with a replacement mayor giving the stink eye to the new airport deal?

Councilman Wagner pelted Team Deal with lots of questions. The Team admitted the 1.5-billion-dollar figure tingling the media is for construction only, not finance charges. The whole enchilada is somewhere between three and four billion, payments for which stretch out into another generation, 35 years. Sisneros said not the worry, the airlines agree to keep up the payments for nine years. What happens if the airlines decide they want out of the deal at that point? The payments don't go away, meaning your kids and anyone else the city can pick-pocket are on the hook.

We also learned about a thing called “design build.” This means stuff ultimately included in the new airport is provisional, depending on how much money is left in the budget when rising costs work their magic. Sisneros: We need to chop hundreds of millions out of the current cost estimate but don’t worry, customers will have a word class experience. The new airport will have toilette paper and electrical outlets. Probably.

What we saw was a campaign stunt, not a deal.

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Anonymous said...

The bet is that they'll only come back with 5 signatures at most. One is going to drop out before the 25th and more airlines won't want to sign on to these bad terms.

Half of them are just going to do the 5 year plan.

Anonymous said...

KCMO = Smart City?
More like the laughingstock of the entire country.
They'll end up with a $4 billion Quonset Hut and endless excuses.
It's no wonder that KCMO elected make great marks for any "developer", urban futurist, hare-brained idiea, fad, consultant, or out-of-town academic with the latest theory.
They can't even take the heat from the east side revs.
Just look around the table. If you don't see the mark...
It's you.

Anonymous said...

No matter what happens it’s still a lie, didn’t they promise it was only gonna cost one billion dollars? Everything that’s happened since then has been one lie after another, it really is the biggest failure of our time

Anonymous said...

It’s a pro move for everybody who stands to make money off this deal, get people comfortable with one billion dollars then say oh crap it’s really gonna cost us two billion and people wig out, then you turn around and lower it a half billion dollars and everybody goes oh, ok I can live with that, that my friends is how you give yourself a half billion dollar raise without any proof you needed more money

Anonymous said...

More smoke and mirrors from the liars and charlatans.

Anonymous said...

This deal reeks of "Don't worry airlines we got you covered. We can tap tax payers to fill in the gaps on the financials...."

Where is this $1.5 billion dollar coming from? What does it cover? Who covers the likely cost overruns? Who covers the interest on the bonds that will be sold to finance this thing?

None of these questions have been answered. Yet KCMO tax payers approved the vote that allowed S'lie and his cronies to do this. By the time the shit hits the fan on this thing, and it will, he'll be long gone to his next gig in Washington. And we'll be left to clean up the mess. Much like how Queen Kay left us the pile of shit that is the $14 million per year payment on the bonds sold to finance the P&L District after we were promised the District wouldn't cost tax payers a dime....

Same shit, different day. My guess is that this thing is ultimately going to cost over $3 billion. How are they arriving at $1.5 when we don't even have a final design on this thing. All I'm hearing from the airlines is, "We MIGHT cover up to $1.5 billion dollars, and no more....". No signed paper, no guarantees. Nothing. Much like how we were told that if we build a new arena downtown we'd get an NFL or NHL team...

And, by the way, the airlines aren't paying for a damn thing. They are just going to pass their costs onto ticket buyers and people that frequent the airport. What if their projections don't meet reality and ticket sales come up short (much like what is happening for the past 10 year at the P&L)? Who makes up the difference.

We're about to get royally fucked on this deal.

Thanks S'lie


Anonymous said...

"We're about to get royally fucked on this deal"

That's probably being a little too generous and kind.

Anonymous said...

what does Amazon's air Cargo hub look like at Cincinnati/kentucky airport or the DHL global hub out of same airport?

Anonymous said...

"To help facilitate the new hub, Amazon acquired 210 more acres recently. That land adjoins the 900 acres the company is leasing from the airport for 50 years."

Nope no adjoining acres at KCI.

Anonymous said...

“design build.” so that's what you call it. Kinda like the Truman Sports Complex with that "rolling roof"

Anonymous said...

Why build a new terminal when the Dems tell us their “Green New Deal” will eliminate air travel in 10 years?

Anonymous said...


The deal on the table limits airlines' responsibility to pay to nine years. Whether there is an airport or we're boarding sustainable airplanes made of recycled cardboard and belly button lint, it doesn't matter. Bond payments in this deal-- hundreds of millions per year for 35 years-- will still be with us, like tertiary syphilis long after the thrill is gone.

Anonymous said...

12:46 AOC said the world was gonna end in twelve years so we really don’t need a new airport after all!

Anonymous said...

Actually AOC is working to ban airplanes. This is her plan.
While Republicans celebrate AOC and her nutty ideas (she is America’s Clown) and see her as a way to keep power for decades- KC’s leaders will be gone shortly and taxpayers in generational debt.

You read it here first:

Braniff and TWA are working a secret deal to open a new Johnson County International Airport. It will be called AOC and also have special housing for lunatics.

Anonymous said...

^^^ now that’s funny right there!