Wednesday, February 20, 2019


The fading American middle-class has fallen into despair because they, sadly,  just discovered that the media, phones and the vast majority of elected leaders, sports heroes and clergy are untrustworthy.

Call it paranoia or just another symptom of the growing partisan tribalism that threatens to rip this nation apart. Kansas City is also at the center of this rift that questions the very fabric of perception and reality.

Brief aside . . . We welcome everybody to this debate because our blog community basically banished the previous Mayor and had him questioning his own identity and struggling with the truism that PERCEPTION IS REALITY. But I digress . . .

Tonight news talkers will be wringing their hands and gnashing their teeth because they were fooled by yet another racial hoax that pretty much ruined Black History Month.

Chicago Police: Jussie Smollett Under Suspicion Of Filing False Police Report

Credit where it's due, a number of our readers called this one early in the comments even though it's not specifically related to KC.

Another not so-shocking bit of fake news challenged as of late . . .

Vanity Fair: The Covington Kid Is Suing The Washington Post for $250 Million

Don't get too excited, the right-wing claims these stories as victories but ignores the fake news of Prez Trump's most influential fanboy . . .

Alex Jones was de-platformed for his sins that included some really horrific bullying he is charged with contributing to by denying the Sandy Hook shooting and spreading a fake memes about dead youngsters that he later retracted.

And before our Republican friends get all high and mighty about fake news . . . Let's not forget that not so long ago the neo-cons pretty much spread fake news across the whole world that sparked a destabilizing conflict and betrayed the proud tradition of the United States which had never preemptively waged war against another nation up until that point . . . Or at least not since the sketchy start of the Spanish-American war in 1898

Trump Mocks George W. Bush, Calls Iraq Invasion ‘Single Worst Decision Ever Made’

The topic of fake news applies to KCMO is a great many way. Recently, a bunch of cackling hens on public radio attempted to try to decipher opinion from news which will only be possible when automation and robots take over reporting as well.

There's no shortage of fake news in Kansas City including but not limited to:

- The fortunes of the Chiefs & The Royals

- 25-MILLION Kansas City Visitors Annually

- Progress On Curbing The KCMO Murder Count

- Toy Train Streetcar Ridership

- The Economic Benefit Of Taxpayer Subsidies To Greedy Developers

And worst of all . . .

Kansas City's most expensive lie to date . . .

The FAKE NEWS and ballot promise claiming that taxpayers "wouldn't pay a dime" for the new airport.

And whilst we don't have any answers for locals who want to know who they can trust or the whereabouts of their wives on Saturday night . . . What we do know for a fact is . . .


For some even more debate doesn't provide solace given that partisan hacks, elected leaders and executives seek to rule the populace by MANUFACTURING CONSENT.

Still, for the moment, the relatively open debate about fake vs. truth is a saving grace this nation enjoys at least until the rise of Chinese hegemony.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Interesting. I'd like to hear more. Please give me your leaflet and get the hell out of my store.

Anonymous said...

Remember Alex!. He fought against the gay frogs. And lost.

Anonymous said...


Kansas City totally has 25 million tourists every year. The only problem is that most of them are homeless and don't spend any money. Don't believe it? Just step aboard a bus or go to the library.

Jazzbo said...

Truth? It's in the dwindling pages of the Kansas City Star on Sunday. They're called coupons.

Anonymous said...

Smollett thought he had an identity politics twofer:
Both black AND gay.
And half the Democratic presidential candidates rushed to the front of the mob to shout at it being just another example of what a horrible homophobic and racist country we live in.
What's surprising is that none of the local KCMO politicos weighed in like Lucas did in a similar instance a while back that also proved to be a hoax.
Ready, fire, aim.
The narrative must be pursued regardless of the facts.
And now, deathly silence from all the usual suspects.

Anonymous said...

The Dems hatred of Trump knows no bounds and many of the most zealous will never get over his election, even after he’s no longer in office. They have no ability to cope and control themselves and have taken leave of their senses. I couldn’t stand Obama, but I never had the slightest inclination to confront someone, physically or verbally, wearing an Obama shirt, hat, etc. Hell, I never even lost a night’s sleep during his two terms in office. But these wackadoodle lefties have come undone and are completely consumed. It’s really bizarre.

Anonymous said...

7:48 - True-dat. The brothers are singing, the EMPIRE is falling, and the fraud that is Small-let is heading to jail for three years on a felony. He makes the guys working with Tanya Harding look like geniuses!

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

How many of you remember when Walter cronkite retired? Thats when all this shit started

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the acknowledgement of calling the Smollett attack a HOAX early on. I made one of those early comments on an unrelated post here, I believe the day it was initially reported by news media. The tip-off was that he gave way too many extra details; 2 WM's, anti-gay and racist slurs, "MAGA country", bleach, noose, 2AM, Subway, on the phone with his manager, etc., while sustaining only a scratch on his face. I guess that's what happens when a bad actor dreams up a hoax.

His fabricated story was a bad script. I immediately doubted it because I've been through many of these before from men, women, white, black, old, young. No race has a monopoly on stupid.

Anonymous said...

Smollett exposes the MSM for what they are: 2 faced liars!
Where the outrage KC Star? Colleen? Where is your condemnation? Go back to wherever you came from and turn out the lights! You embarrassed this city over the Smollett and Steve Rose debacles.
Fake News KC Star! Lay offs of great photography and writers? But you keep the ass pickers who divide the town and hate America’s Commander in Chief?
Apologize now!
Prediction? All digital in 2020.

Anonymous said...

Jussie Smollett is to be charged Chicago police looking to arrest him after grand jury found evidence for the charges.

Anonymous said...

Anything Trump says is fake news is. I believe him. He is an honest man with integrity and a incredibly trustworthy past. I love him. He is my god.

Anonymous said...

Now, let's have a discussion on why so many people are easily fooled. And I'll include myself in that group, though hopefully I'm learning and getting better.

Most people are followers.
Most want to believe what they're told.
Most people will defer to others in a position of authority, perceived higher status/wealth/celebrity.
Many people are lazy.
Many would rather be passively entertained than take action.

So you can see that most of this is self-inflicted.

Now to some TRUTHS which you mentioned:
Both national political parties are corrupt. (I give TKC credit for understanding this and highlighting it.)
If you pick a side (Right vs. Left) and identify strongly with it, then you've been compromised. (national elections)
In 2016, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were both bad candidates. Neither should have become President.
What's known as the MSM are not in the news business, but the propaganda business. This includes CNN as well as Alex Jones. If you rely upon them for your trusted knowledge you are an unwitting zombie under mind-control.
Locally, the Star of course is a hard-Left propaganda machine, while most TV stations are liberal. KCPT/KCUR is definitely liberal. Journalists are among the most liberal professions.
Many of the big tech/communication companies are actively working to monitor, manipulate, and enslave you.
A President, his administration, and the MSM lied to you about what happened on 9/11, why we invaded Afghan./Iraq, and why it's America's longest war.
How can Afghanistan supply 90+ percent of the world's opium/heroin if the US has been occupying the country since 2002, while crop yields have grown exponentially.
Barack Obama is not who he claimed to be, not who the media portrayed him as, and is the only President who had virtually no living relatives. His public identity was fabricated.
If Donald Trump is a billionaire real estate mogul, why did he waste years appearing on reality TV? Why was his daughter on the show? Why does his son-in-law and daughter have an office in the White House? Name another President whose child represented them in foreign affairs.
If Donald Trump is draining the swamp, why is his Cabinet full of billionaires, Goldman Sachs, and the usual swamp creatures? Why has Trump been tasked with attacking Iran?
How come your taxes never decrease?
Why do KC/Jackson County/Missouri taxpayers subsidize the Hunt family of Dallas, Cerner, JEDunn, Burns and McDonnell, etc.?

If this is overwhelming for your brain, you'll reflexively dismiss it with cries of profanity, racism, privilege, Nazism, or other knee-jerk spasms. If you have a good brain I'd like to hear reasoned responses. The statements above may be purposely provocative.

Anonymous said...


Because this is just fucking babble.

Anonymous said...

Faggots are coming out of the woodwork tonight.

Anonymous said...

What about your fake news day, Tony?

- The zoo is murdering animals.

- Yet another trumped-up airport liefest.

- The streets were, in fact, fine today.

- More Clay Chastain puffery which isn't news, since people who get 5% of the vote aren't news.

Add to that the usual amount of name calling, racism and misogyny from your AWESOME BLOG COMMUNITY?

It definitely qualifies you to speak about fake news, since you're the biggest bug on the manure pile around here when it comes to that.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ Read all day and all night long. Tony's biggest fan. A genuine fart sniffer. How does it taste? Bitter? Too bad wildman. You are one of our favorites.

Anonymous said...

None of this shizz is going to matter when the Mueller report drops and your fake president is just a footnote.

Anonymous said...

Best comment of the day @10:08. Definitely something to think about.

Jameson said...

"when Walter cronkite retired? "

^^^ Absolutely a turning point. That's when the news turned into a game for aspiring models or amateur politicians. Good call Silvestor.

Deep State said...

Mueller report is fake news. Biggest scam ever pulled in the media to date.

Anonymous said...

10:08, in short, you hit the nail on the head! Exactly! Great post.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Donald trump knows a lady that had a friend that had a salad at the Olive Garden in 96 now here's where it gets crazy It had Russian dressing on it We need to get another all Clinton lawyer led witch hunt ready!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's sad when the liberal dem party and the Obama admin justice system are more corrupt than the gangs we're trying to keep out of our country

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

^^^^ no but it's a hotbed for 400 or 500 black on black murders.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

10:08 sounds like a butthurt dummocrap that just found out he’s been played by the liberal media, but, im glad you found out before it’s too late!

Anonymous said...

Detroit was the biggest liberal led dump to go bankrupt but move over cause Chicago and the bankrupt pension system are breaking records.

Anonymous said...

1008 cause the us has all the pharma company's numb nuts

Anonymous said...

Secret dummocrap meeting; Wow, white kid tells the truth and a black fag lies, that can’t be true, wait, what? The media has been lying to me? Maybe we can distract people with the mueller probe!

Anonymous said...

Damn, I agree with Trump about something. He's right, W's decision to invade Iraq is the worst decision in our history.

Anonymous said...

Face facts, there hasn't been a Republican President worth a shit since Teddy Roosevelt - every damn one of them has damaged this Country in one way or another, usually by wrecking the Economy.

Trump may have been right about W. starting the Iraq/Afghanistan "forever war", but as the saying goes...

"Even a Blind Squirrel finds a Nut once in a while,
and bone spurs find deferments every damn time."

Anonymous said...

Smollett should have book thrown at him. The damage he could of or may have done was premeditated terror and self centered stupid in the highest order.

Anonymous said...

^^Thanks. Now go away.

Anonymous said...

If Smollett goes to prison he'll be in hog heaven. So many d***s to suck and so little time.

Anonymous said...

Pussie Jussie is a racist and committed a hate crime against whites and the Pres. Punishment anyone???? I doubt it.

Congrats to the Covington kid who did nothing wrong but stood up to a dirty lying Indian with missing teeth who tried to bully him. I sure hope he wins!

Alex Jones has the right to freedom of speech, or is it just violent liberals who have that right?

Trump is right the Bush family are RINO's they are globalists. Remember when George Bush was calling for the NWO?

Anonymous said...

^^No, I don't because I have a life. I don't give a fuck about Jessie & the covington brat. I have a life. You don't. This is what you and people like you, live for. What's it like to lose at life?

Anonymous said...

Hindsight is 20/20, right Trump? Putting aside that clusterfuck war, Trump wasn't exactly out in the streets protesting it. As a matter of fact, I think Trump is on tape saying he supported it. If I remember correctly, anyone, I mean ANYONE, who questioned the war was labeled an anti-US communist. Yes, the case proposed for war was proven to be bullshit but any of you on here who weren't all for it before the truth came out are fucking liars.

This is just more of Trump never doing anything wrong.

Anonymous said...

11:04PM, 12:16AM, 12:19AM comments = Good Brains

Predictably, no one else dared engage in thoughtful dialogue. It's so much easier to hurl insults at perceived opponents than to use your brain to prove them wrong.

Most management behind successful corporations are not stupid. In 2016, President Trump garnered strong support by running against the MSM, the FAKE NEWS people. But did you realize that was a well-orchestrated plan? Trump owes credit to the media for propelling him to the Republican nomination and into the Oval Office. He couldn't have done it without their help.

With the MSM constantly badgering Trump and keeping the spotlight focused on him, millions of Americans who otherwise wouldn't have supported him came clamoring to Team Trump to teach Hillary and the MSM a lesson.

But please notice that no one in the MSM has landed a solid punch to the Trump glass jaw. It's primarily been petty personal stuff: his ego, his hair, his family members, his wealth, his rhetoric, his chauvinism, etc. And this is key: Notice that nothing has happened to the Clintons. They remain free, with access to over a billion dollars in their phony charities. Trump repeatedly pledged to put her in prison.

And the MSM enjoys increased ratings when they keep the country divided and inflamed. That translates to more ad revenue, so they actually benefit. Truth: President Trump LOVES the media.

We've been duped again.

Anonymous said...

Watch President Trump honor Bill and Hillary Clinton

Anonymous said...

look at all these hamberders!!!!! So lovely!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Trump was booed by the audience at that South Carolina primary debate when he spoke the truth that everyone knows: the Iraq invasion was stupid and based on lies and we never should have done it. Neocons seethed and so did pro war liberals like Ny times and wash post. But America elected him.

Just wish president trump was more like candidate trump!


Anonymous said...

Fake News, Fake Weather, Fake Sports....people are catching on and soon NO ONE on either side will believe anything. Such will totally neutralize public opinion and put us exactly where they want us...totally cynical and un-engaged.

Then the robots and drones will arrive and it will be over. And most everyone will not have seen it coming.