Wednesday, February 13, 2019



In her latest post, sophisticate Tracy Thomas offers SOLUTIONS to help create compromise or at least save JoCo voters a few bucks and avoid the fate of most Greater Kansas City area development schemes . . .

The 9 wording amendments to Shawnee's community center May 21 tax hike ballot--to avoid what TKC dubbed the Shawnee Swindle

All We are Saying is Give FACTS a Chance!!!! There's still time. Call your council reps and the Mayor. (numbers on city web site.) AND forward this to all, as an email: Amend the May 21 mail-in ballot wording. Give the facts! Say what it is, and what it is not.


Anonymous said...

Tracy the tracist is one mad bitch. I wish Kansas City had even one council member like her that would speak up in the interest of the taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

Tracy’s right!
Very well and thought out- this is the kind of call to action that is desperately needed and sorely missed from the KC Star editorial board. They seem to write tripe and pander to the left. Tracy makes sense and hell I would vote for her to be Mayor of KC and abolish any silly residency rules. The rules don’t seem to add anything again this year.

While a nice aquatic center seems reasonable- it just seems redundant that every taxpayer would be helping the locals swim in debt and more remarkably drowning in debt.

You go Tracy! Maybe the “pros” over in their glass palace will be embarrassed about seeing such well thought out borderline Mensa writing and resign and go back to doing whatever they did before they became scribes. Who would miss them?

Anonymous said...

Shawnee finally learned and took a page out of the KC Council's and Sly's book on how to fuck taxpayers and reward friends of the council.

Snake oil oozed across the state line. Call Sharice or granny gov for help.

Anonymous said...

Sharice isn't going to do anything she's part of the problem and also lives on Govt handouts. But I agree go ahead and call them they voted for them, and Sharice and Granny won't do a damn thing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Tracy, for being vigilant.

Anonymous said...

Stay on their ass Tracy. Good job.

JoCoPost said...

What I want for Valentine's Day is for two more Councilmen to LEAD--review the "Nine Things List" and call a special meeting and amend the ballot. Be as transparent and detailed as possible.

Then and only then can the voters be informed enough to decide.

We all love Shawnee, quirky as it is. I am not the enemy. But I am pissed. And just like when my team defeated BiState II and Big Soccer, even tho we were outspent 112 to 1--I won't stop.

I am sick and tired of council members staring at their shoes, and not commenting. Hiding behind the "Let the voters decide", when they have not DONE THEIR JOBS. When asked questions, they refuse to answer!

This past weekend, they held a so-called "planning session", offsite. No minutes. No reporters. And guess what, that has to be when they voted secretly to at least mention "funded by property tax increase". But won't say how much!

Seriously? You are just begging to lose your seats and your power. Remember Merriam when they gave in to the first car dealer. Mayor, City attorney and four council--gone the next election. Rightfully so.

They know this is a deceitful ballot. Or else they would not be sneaking around trying to find some fool to author a "fake news" scenario memo of what MIGHT happen. All they have to do is tell the truth. Even if it doesn't pass, that's what they must do.

Anonymous said...

10:41 nails it. How come everyone isn't calling for integrity of process as how business has to be done. Look at the damn KCI project.

Tracy outdoes them with them having 100 times more resources, and she does it towards transparency.

She represents all those people who don't have time to really dig through the opaque mess and want reasonable government that says yes sometimes, says no sometimes, and tries very hard to represent the best interests of the people, not the powerful entity of the moment twerking the local agenda.