Friday, February 01, 2019


Note from Kansas City's Congressman as he garners more influence and responsibility inside the beltway . . .

E.C. From D.C. - A Congress of Progress

The 116th Congress promises to be a Congress of progress. Now that I have my committee assignments, I wanted to update you on my recent appointments and lay out my goals within those committees.

First, it is an honor to be appointed chairman of the newly-created Subcommittee on National Security, International Development, and Monetary Policy—within the House Financial Services Committee. This subcommittee has broad jurisdiction over international and domestic financial policy including issues such as trade, sanctions, defense production, illicit finance, and regulation of the money supply.

As we get started, I am eager to tackle the financial issues facing everyday Americans. First and foremost is making sure we continue to keep all of the government running and prevent another shutdown. We cannot continue to hold hard-working Americans hostage for a political circus.

I look forward to addressing some of the most critical economic challenges facing the American economy. To do that, it is my intention to work on bipartisan solutions that would safeguard our financial system.

Through this subcommittee, I will be able to oversee sanctions against Russia, Iran and other nations as well as monitor trade issues and our overall economy.

Although there is plenty on my plate, I was excited when Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked me to serve on the Select Committee on Modernization of Congress. This committee will be vital in reforming Congress to make it work more efficiently for the American people, and as chairman of the Civility Caucus, I feel I am strongly positioned to provide positive insight on how we can accomplish that. This essential committee was designed to investigate, study, make findings, hold public hearings, and develop recommendations on modernizing Congress. It probably has the most transformative potential of any committee in Congress.

I’m excited to join chairman of the committee, Rep. Derek Kilmer, and my fellow colleagues; Rep. Suzan DelBene, Rep. Zoe Lofgren, Rep. Mark Pocan and Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon on this committee.

Affordable housing remains one of my passions and to that end, I will continue serving on the Financial Services Committee’s Subcommittee on Housing, Community Development, and Insurance. We were able to pass one of the largest sweeping housing reforms in history and there’s more work to do to ensure people have access to affordable and quality housing.

Last, but certainly not least, I will rejoin my colleagues on the House Committee on Homeland Security. I have long been concerned that the mid-west is overlooked when it comes to Homeland Security. I intend to make our presence felt on this committee.

Time to get to work!


Emanuel Cleaver, II
Member of Congress

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Elections have consequences. What I can see here is that the Democrats are becoming a lot more hawkish on foreign policy. Overall that's a good thing for our country.

Anonymous said...

“Although there is plenty on my plate, I was excited when Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked me to serve on the Select Committee on Modernization of Congress. This committee will be vital in reforming Congress to make it work more efficiently for the American people”

Don’t they realize he was instrumental in the jazz district having 23 paid board members?

Anonymous said...

He's so full of Bull Shit is's sickening! This is what he used to get elected and dumb asses out there fall for it. He knows his party is in trouble and he's trying to Bull Shit everyone again!

Funny, he's the dumb fuck that kept the Govt shutdown for as long as it was. He's also the dumb fuck that fucked everyone on the 18th and vine and Paseo deal.

Now he's trying to act all concerned! LMAO

Anonymous said...

How about instead of sanctions on Russia we sell them F150s and farm equipment and stuff like that to create American jobs? America makes great stuff that everybody wants. Don't you think Moscow moms might like a ford escape? War and debt is busted. Let's try peace and prosperity for a change.

Anonymous said...

Liberals love war now that's true. But it is disastrous for our republic. -radish

Anonymous said...

"Influence and responsibility within the beltway"?
Most of the Democrats couldn't pick him out in a line-up, much less anyone who has the slightest clout in DC.

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt the reverend is smart enough to lead anything? "At tHE CAR WASH" yea, yea, yea yea, CAR WASH..

Anonymous said...

This dumbfuck couldn’t run a car wash! What can we expect?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Clever can get the Fed’s to pay of a committee to look at 18 th and Vine. Maybe Cleaver can request the services of Reed and Lucas to work with these committee members. This process could be the basis for A Lucas/Reed presdental ticket in 2020...

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the Cleaver endorsement for Sanders on vision, and the missing 60 million dollar Green Zone benefits.

Did you get a 60 million dollar green zone benefit. Time for new blood so the old alignments don't just keep milking the system. Cleaver is past the expiration date on fresh, open government. He can keep Sly company.