Monday, February 25, 2019


Tonight we take a glimpse at a Northland Power House political action committee offering the FIRST MAJOR KCMO ENDORSEMENT BALLOT of the election cycle.

First before any other news outlet we noted that Forward surprised a lot of people and endorsed biz lawyer Steve Miller.


They skipped a few contests but generally, here's how denizens on the nice side of the bridge see the upcoming election:

1st DISTRICT AT-LARGE - Kevin O'Neil
1ST IN DISTRICT - Heather Hall
2ND DISTRICT - Dan Fowler
3RD DISTRICT AT-LARGE - Wallace Hartsfield, II
4TH DISTRICT AT-LARGE - Katheryn Shields
4TH DISTRICT - Geoffrey Jolley
5TH DISTRICT AT-LARGE- James "Erik" Dickinson
6TH DISTRICT AT-LARGE - Stacey Johnson-Cosby

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Mostly safe choices. I'm surprised they endorsed across the bridge at all. This group used to have money to donate but now their funds have mostly dried up. I think they might give O'Neil a boost but there was a big fight over Fowler. If the votes are close, this could make a difference.

KCJd said...

They should have went with Wagner, big mistake not to. I'm not saying he's going to be Mayor but he will continue to be involved. When Miller loses, he's going back to his law firm and he'll never look at the Northland twice. But Wagner will still be around and now they've just stabbed him in the back. Really bad move and that makes me question their judgement in general.

Frosty and Vibrant said...

The volume of malfeasance and maleficence going on in this city is astounding.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Good point.

NicK said...

Thanks for the list of people not to vote for

JoCoPost said...

It took real guts and leadership to oppose Scott Wagner.
Who nobody can keep straight from the other Scott, because--they're both Mr. Cellophane. And have done nothing to fix this messed up town.

So they made their point, AND came out first with endorsements.

It's a wide open race.

I have to respect a club willing to go against the grain, against their home grown tomato --because he just has no taste, no substance to him.

It requires real integrity to take a stand.

Anonymous said...

Clay Chastain will win the Virginia vote!

common sense said...

Where do I get my Clay Chastain's, or any other white taxpayer candidate's yard sign?

Anonymous said...

Why does the Media (including you, Tony,) continue to refer to "Forward Kansas City" as a northland Powerhouse?

They have been exposed and discredited as nothing more than a front for a group of Kansas-based Real Estate Developers, and of course Miller it their leading shill.

They have NO influence among the voters in the Northland, after their failures to extend annexation and gain approval for their repeated attempts to build high-density "low income" housing in the middle of single family residential areas.

Their one success, creation of an Apartment Complex west of Highway 169, has resulted in the closure of Eastwood Road and isolation of an elementary school for over TWO YEARS by a "six-month-long" road project!

Anonymous said...

So many shills and incompetents.
So little time.
Almost every one of these candidates represents nothing more than some special interest looking for their way in to the city treasury.
And the number of empty promises is almost huge enough to fill the potholes on Ward Parkway.
The 85% of metro residents who DON'T live in KCMO counts their blessings each and every day, but at no time more that during elections.
"Forward KC" endorsing backwards candidates.
It never changes.

chuck said...

The list of would be Left Wing achievements while Democrat cities all over America crumble is really impressive.

Now in the batter's box, Post Birth Abortion, The New Green deal, Abolishing ICE, 70% Tax Rates and if you have any money left, Yippee!!!!! REPARATIONS!!!

KC is as Progressive as it gets, if you think your vote counts for anything other than the continuation of corruption, stupidity, malfeasance and pernicious policies designed to elevate the "Swells" into even more sinecure and power, then you might want to get on the "Mike Sanders For Mayor" campaign and put your skills to use.

Anonymous said...

My friends up north are for Wagner. He's not afraid to say it like it is.

Anonymous said...

I really don't think there is any hope for KC. Things have gone downhill since Berkeley was mayor and then Clever came in and took credit for everything Berkeley did. It's a shame because KC use to be such a cool city back when JC Nichols kept all of the scum out of the Plaza. Now it's just a dirty cheap crime ridden city.

Shaved Head - Spandex Clad said...

I'm surprised Lucas is doing so badly he seems like a milquetoast politician who loves to be in front of the cameras.

Anonymous said...

Clay will show us the way!

Anonymous said...

Forward KC is a tool of Jeff Rowe, who is running Miller's campaign!

Miller doesn't know a thing about the Northland, or South of the River for that matter!!

Anonymous said...

^^^^ You have to learn how to spell the guy's last name before we can take your political insight seriously.


Anonymous said...

We need a lesbian mayor to be cool and vibrant and competitive with our peers.

Anonymous said...

^^^ How about Quinton, isn't he a lesbian?

Anonymous said...

^^No but your mother certainly is.