Tuesday, February 12, 2019


The newspaper is running their typical endorsement game that hasn't had much of an impact over municipal elections for at least 10 years.

More importantly . . .


Here's the word from his latest e-mail blast . . .

"The Star's partnering with Verify More, a nonprofit that vets political candidates.

"The Star wants candidates to "voluntarily" submit to a... "civil and criminal records search, verification of your resume search and a search on your social media history," etc. And the Fake self righteous Star stands ready to not only tell all, but to "also disclose which candidates declined to ("voluntarily") participate in the background screening."

"The obvious problem I have with this is the fact the actions of our sorry, biased and Fake newspaper (that has unfairly knocked me around for 25-years, supported high taxes and taxpayer-subsidized glitzy development for the wealthy and covered for the misdeeds of our sorry-acting government under Sly James) do not comport with ethical journalistic practices. Yet, they want to sit in judgment of all we candidates."

A parting shot from candidate Chastain:

"And by the way, how can the Star be sincere in wanting to interview me and give me a fair shot for mayor, when they already opined in an early editorial, "He can't win," and chastised me for only living in Kansas City part-time?"

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

I think it's pretty obvious Clay was never going to get their endorsement. He is right to skip it.

But I think he should still talk to them face to face to let him know why he objects.

real reporter not a blogger said...

If he can get a cheap flight into town that would be great!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Clay on this one...Who would voluntarily want to live in Kansas City Misery full time?

Anonymous said...

^^^About 500,000 or so. That's who.

Anonymous said...

The Star doesn't even interview all candidates. They will only endorse incumbents, democrats and candidates endorsed by the Greater KC Chamber of Commerce.

Anonymous said...

As much I think someone needs to kick Clay in the junk and send him on his way, he's the only "candidate" that's even talking about the problem of high tax/low service and tax incentive to corporations for private development issues.

The airport is a major issue that's going to fuck over just about everyone in KCMO proper. Yet everyone except Clay running for mayor don't see it that way (all they see is a payday for themselves and their rich buddies). Tax incentives for private development is an issue. Yet no one outside of Clay that's running sees it as an issue.

Clay is a fully functioning, walking, talking idiot. But at least he's pointing out the issues. Unlike S'lie, Jolie, and the rest of S'lie cronies.

That's why this will always be #KorruptCity

Anonymous said...

Verify More is just a shell that has Sterling Talent Solutions do the actual "research". Google Sterling Talent Solutions and Better Business Bureau and you get a string of nightmare scenarios of jobs lost, etc. because of errors and lies and refusal to fix false reports!

Anonymous said...

Good point why isn't any of the other candidates talk about the issues not one of them only just fluff I think it's time for them to talk about the issues before I decide to vote

Anonymous said...

I am shocked.
The KC Star - with an incredible reputation for hard hitting - extremely unbiased reporting- would not do their own research?
Surely they haven’t laid all their good reliable reporters off.
We know they want to do their own research!
I am positive they are just too busy.
Most likely doing other more important stuff like: Researching-

1. How we can make Trump look bad.
2. How we can get the pope to anoint AOC to sainthood while she is living?
3. How we can lay everyone off- have them collect an AOC check since they might not want to work- and force them to write.
4. How we can help make cows not fart... invent a high tech cork
5, How we can add more editorial writers... liberals... but sell it as fair and balanced
6. How we can keep old geysers as sports writers that people can’t pronounce his first name and keep young people interested
7. How we can keep supporting higher taxes for any and everything.
8. How we can keep charging old ladies $1,000 a month for a paper we can’t deliver in bad weather
9. How we can continue to throw rocks while living in a glass building
10. On and on and on and on...

Anonymous said...

It sounds like I can't see the star slipping more into the abyss or the black hole meaning they bleeding black ink withi would never put the star on the bottom of my bird cage they get some kind of
anal disease

Anonymous said...


common sense said...

Where do I get my Clay Chastain's, or any other white taxpayer candidate's yard sign?

Anonymous said...

I love how members of a Kansas City Star got on this blog just to slam clay Chastain who is the only real candidate for mayor because they hate him so much