Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The Pitch Plugs Kansas City Junk Food Whilst Advertiser Page Count Steadily Drops

Last year, before anybody else, some of the finest denizens of our blog community noticed The Pitch desperately begging for cash with each and every post on their website.

Now the situation looks even more dire with a junk food edition, not much news and fewer pages among the last dead-tree advertisers willing to pay top dollar for this local media legacy tarnished by timid owners who don't know much about local news and have started drilling down into the ranks of newbie youngster freelancers.

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Cheap eats in Kansas City: frugal - and delicious - food tips for 2019

Zach Bauman It's not just you: going out to eat is way more expensive than it used to be. Food prices have risen 24 percent since 2008, with costs expected to continue to escalate 2-3 percent a year moving forward. Now compare that to your salary ten years ago.


Indentured Servant said...

Cutting edge man. The Pitch!

Anonymous said...

The Junk Food Junkies of Kansas City

Oh Lord have mercy on me.

Anonymous said...

(Especially don't go there around 1:30 tomorrow, there's not much seating).