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Bittersweet real life story from one of our most newsworthy hottie faves:

MirrorUK; Kelly Brook reveals she'll never have children after heartbreaking miscarriages

Closer to home, here are just a few of the news links we're checking right now . . .

Kansas City Crime Fight Cont'd

New violence-response group aims to reduce crime in KCMO

Violent crime continues to plague Kansas City, Missouri with 20 homicides already committed in the city this year, an uptick from previous years. To help reverse that trend, a new group - the Kansas City Violence and Response Team Network - has formed and hopes to make an impact.

Kansas History Shutting Down

Haskell Cultural Center and Museum to close indefinitely

LAWRENCE, Kan. (AP) - Haskell Indian Nations University's Cultural Center and Museum will close indefinitely because its operating grant expired Friday. Julia Good Fox, a college dean, said the university is working to secure more funding to reopen the center later this semester. Three people work at the center.

Creative Class Tax Time

The Side Of Kansas City's Artists Most People Don't See: Staying Organized For Tax Time

Kansas City boasts a vibrant arts scene, with easy access to essentially any kind of entertainment. But the people who make a career out of providing this cultural enrichment have to be as good at managing their business as they are at their artistic work. That means thinking about taxes all year long.

Hot Dog Diary Revealed

Here's what it's like to spend a year driving a 'Wienermobile,' traveling the country

Make no buns about it: Finding a job right out of college in this dog-eat-dog world is no easy feat. But if you relish a cross-country odyssey, love to meat new people and can mustard the courage to drive a 27-foot-long hot dog, piloting the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile might be just the travel adventure for you.

Urban Core Hope Highlight

Church Is Ray Of Light In Urban KC Neighborhood

The Sheffield Family Life Center, a 6,000-member Assembly of God church, is a sparkling diamond in an urban coal mine. It's big, diverse and a key center of life in Kansas City's distressed Blue Valley area. "We are in a location where we kind of get left out," says Sheffield's pastor George Westlake III.

Springtime Retro Report

Kansas City Royals: Are Royals Reinventing Bullpen "Old School" style?

I listened to an interview Ned Yost gave on 810 WHB, and he talked about bullpen strategy. The Kansas City Royals changed the view of bullpens during their World Series runs. Lock down offenses after five innings with a group of closer type relievers.

Kansas City Sunday Feast

City Barrel Brewing Co. Now Open in the East Crossroads, Serving Wild Sours and Locally Inspired Fare

Now with five breweries within about a half-mile radius, the East Crossroads boasts what James Stutsman calls a "brewer's alley." Stutsman, co-owner of the brand-new, 125-seat City Barrel Brewing Co., which opens today, considers this a boon for the city: "The neighborhood is a destination for beer," he says.

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  1. The "Kansas City Violence and Response Team Network" will be another failed feel good program and public trough feeder.

  2. ^^^ exactly, they will do what the other failed 15 or so groups do, collect a paycheck and do nothing. I think it’s funny that only 8 people showed up for this new “dramatic” program, I guess no pizza was being served!

    When is the ballon and candle training taking place?

  3. So Billy calls the church's neighborhood a coal mine? Just SHUT THE HELL UP Billy! You miserable CUCK!

  4. Overflow crowd?

  5. PBS should not receive federal funding support. Conservative viewpoints are rarely presented and, if so, only to be held up for ridicule.

  6. Haskell Cultural Center and Museum to close.

    A real center of history can't stay opened but losing nothings like 18th and Vine can. If the money wasted on all this LGBTQ crap was instead used to fund the saving of places of real history in our country maybe the mentally ill will go away and historical history can be saved and protected as it should be and available to all.

    BTW Indians didn't like queers either.


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