Saturday, February 02, 2019

The Kansas City Saturday Morning Collection

Hottie CharMac inspires our weekend morning with a peek at related pop culture topics. Take a look:

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FS: 21 Questions With… Model and Actress Charlotte McKinney

Vie: Inside the Disturbing Forum Incels Use to Brutally Criticize Each Other's Faces

Closer to home, these news links are worth a look right now . . .

Talking Cowtown Big Game Dread

The Drive Hour 1 - KC really isn't interested in the Super Bowl?

Kansas City really isn't down with this Super Bowl matchup, huh? Plus, Patrick Mahomes takes a step in stardom, Fanning fails spectacularly at a Super Bowl themed Drive Jukebox and Carrington is personally offended by one of BK's random facts.

Golden Ghetto Retail Pipe Dreams

Cameron Group updates development timeline on Misison Gateway - Kansas City Business Journal

The mixed-used complex includes 160 market-rate apartments, with a ground floor mix of retail and restaurant, a 200-room a Marriott Element hotel, and then a large entertainment complex and a 40,000 square foot food hall run by celebrity chef Tom Colicchio.

Kansas City Muddy Sweetness

Roasterie expands Cold Brew line with new dark chocolate raspberry flavor

Roasterie announces XO Cold Brew with dark chocolate and raspberry flavor Get ready to fall in love with a new cold brew line expansion from The Roasterie! The Kansas City company announced a new flavor for its Cold Brew line Friday morning called XO Cold Brew.

Season Of Hype Road Trip

Kansas City Royals: You should go to spring training

If you love baseball, warm weather, sunshine, and good food, you need to go to spring training. Want to see which of the prospects are any good? You should go. There is nothing like being in Arizona and seeing them for yourself. If you can't this year, start planning for next year.

Golden Ghetto Traffic Tech Fear

Some drivers are concerned about Olathe's new traffic app

OLATHE, KS (KCTV) -- The city of Olathe says a new app is supposed to help drivers save time and gas, but drivers aren't sure it's safe. The Enlighten app tracks where you are and how fast you're going. It can tell you when the light ahead of you changes by using traffic light data provided by the city.

Midtown Foodie Renaissance

Ragazza Food and Wine Will Reopen On ... - In Kansas City

The date of Ragazza Food and Wine's reopening has been one of the great mysteries of life-not unlike whether Tupac is really still alive or will the Chiefs win another Super Bowl. For owner Laura Norris, she promises soon. Like in-the-next-several-weeks-soon. (Pinky swear!) Ever since Norris and her Westport staff uprooted themselves for new, more spacious...

Sporting Kansas City Artsy Styling

To Gear Up For Its New Season, Sporting Kansas City Heads To The Nelson-Atkins Museum Of Art

Kerry Zavagnin is the assistant coach of Sporting Kansas City, but sometimes he dreams of another life. "Deep down inside, I'm an opera singer without a voice, that would love to be on stage at one point," he says. "If I had any talent to sing, it would be the passion that I have the most for."

Kansas City Overcast Warmup

First Alert: South winds to boost temps into upper 50s

It will be warm and windy for your Saturday, and mostly cloudy. Sunday will be even warmer with chances for light mist. A cold front will push through on Monday.

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Anonymous said...

You don't need an app to drive in Olathe. There is plenty of room, very little congestion. There are wide, spacious lanes to accommodate the most ridiculous trucks, lights at every intersection, in fact, you don't really have to do much thinking at all while driving through Olathe.

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Do you have to stick these big stupid multi post link crap posts into the middle of everything.

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I would like to get on top of Char Mac. I’d screw her deep and hard.

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Its probably for all the Mexicans because they are so stupid.