Friday, February 08, 2019

The Kansas City Morning News Look

Hottie Josie inspires a peek at the International fashion game and pop culture conflict:

Saw1st: Josephine Skriver in Lingerie

CNBC: How Victoria's Secret revolutionized lingerie — then fell behind

SunUK: KNICKERS IN A TWIST Dad blasts House of Fraser’s ‘soft porn’ lingerie advert and claims kids ‘should be protected’

Closer to home, these news links are also worth a good look:

Local Sweetheart Agenda

6 Whole-Hearted Things To Do In Kansas City This Weekend

Have a heart? Show it this weekend with wonderful ways to whole-heartedly open up to music, dance and even organized cuddling - yes, it's a thing. If you're sweetheart-less this Valentine season, you can still enjoy these sweet excitements and exultations. And if you have a special someone? Try not to brag!

Kansas City Selling Season Hype

Cover Story: KC real estate forecast for 2019 - Kansas City Business Journal

The real estate market is both a mirror and a driver of the larger Kansas City economy. Research by some of the area's top real estate firms predicts a strong market throughout various sectors - but not at the same level as we've enjoyed the past couple of years.

Creative Class Retail Revival?!?!

After expanding production, Convivial shaping Crossroads botanical concept

Bootstrapped design and manufacturing company Convivial is reaching out with a clay-covered hand from its West Bottoms production space to plant a Crossroads retail concept, said Chentell Shannon. "I feel grateful and I feel honored and excited and scared - I mean, growing a business is scary," laughed Shannon, founder of Convivial.

Kansas City Sweet Life Interview

PODCAST: Christopher Elbow could have been an architect

Christopher Elbow could have been an architect. We think we speak for all of Kansas City (and beyond) when we say "Thank goodness!" that's not the case. Elbow, who makes chocolates so good words fail to describe them, started his career at The American.

Cowtown Football Forgiveness

Chiefs making plans to keep Dee Ford in Kansas City

The Kansas City Chiefs won't let outside linebacker Dee Ford get away, Brett Veach, the NFL team's general manager, indicated on Thursday. During a conference call with the Kansas City media on Thursday, when asked about Ford, Veach said the Chiefs "are excited about bringing him back."

Fanboy Artsy Creation

Adidas put up sign at Kansas City Power & Light to honor Patrick Mahomes for MVP award

Earlier this week, Mahomes was spotted playing a pickup basketball game at Life Time Fitness in Overland Park. Now Chiefs fans near the Sprint Center in the Power & Light District will see Mahomes' familiar face on an electronic billboard.The sign features an image of Mahomes celebrating with the words "Congrats to the league MVP Patrick Mahomes" next to it.

Kansas City Ice World Right Now

First Alert: Friday starts out in single digits

Your Friday is going to start off bitterly cold. Temps will be in the single digits. Wind chill values will be below zero. Temps will slowly climb and finish in...

The Chemical Brothers - Got To Keep On is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

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