Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The Kansas City Midweek Midday Look

We have survived after the death of the lad mag and still we persist with eyes toward that future and understanding how times are changing. Take a look:

CNBC: 'There's not just one women's lane' -- A record number of female candidates running for president

The Verge: Tim Cook says Apple will investigate app that lets Saudi men track and control women

Politico: Booker -- 'I'll be looking to women first' for a potential VP

Closer to home, here are the local news links worth a peek right now . . .

KCUR Eats Our Leftovers From LAST WEEK Amid Westport Foodie 'Safe Space' Debate

This Kansas City Business Owner Might Help America's Restaurants Become Safer For Women

If you want to get drunk and try to pick up a stranger, don't plan on doing that at Ça Va in Westport. Co-owner Caitlin Corcoran won't tolerate behavior that makes a customer or employee uncomfortable. "I can create whatever kind of culture I want, and I don't want to be that boss that is unsupportive," Corcoran told Central Standard host Gina Kaufmann.

Newspaper Reports Netflix

Netflix's 'Queer Eye' season 3 in Kansas City airs March 15 | The Kansas City Star

Netflix has announced that the third season of "Queer Eye," filmed in Kansas City, will be released March 15. The show's theme is "Love Yourself."

Heartland Life Lesson

What Other States Can Teach Kansas And Missouri About Expanding Medicaid

Health care advocates in Kansas and Missouri are hopeful that 2019 will be the year that hundreds of thousands of people can get health care coverage through expansion of Medicaid. It's been blocked in both states by Republicans who question the price tag, but now that many states have had expanded Medicaid for several years, there's a small but growing body of evidence about its actual costs.

Saving Kansas City Streets

Some KC agencies already working on NTSB's recommendations

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A federal agency wants your next trip to be safer than your last, whether it's in a car, train, plane or boat. This month, the National Transportation Safety Board released its Top Ten Most Wanted Transportation Safety Improvements . The agency releases the list every two years.

Local Pothole Life Guide

What to do when potholes are leaving you flat

Kansas City, MO - It's pothole season, and anyone who has been on the roads has likely experienced a bump in the road. Potholes are popping up all over, causing flat tires and other issues. "It's due to rapid freezing and thawing along with wet weather," says Mike Right, with the Missouri AAA.

Kansas City Football Prep Underway

New video shows Patrick Mahomes already training for 2019

We're a day before mid-February and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes already appears to be getting ready for the 2019 season. Check out this video, courtesy of Bobby Stroupe, the founder and director of Accelerate Performance Enhancement Center (APEC). "Today was about going back to the basics," Stroupe says in the video, posted on Tuesday.

Warmup Before More Winter

Enjoy the warm Wednesday, chance for snow returns on a frigid Friday

More snow possible Saturday night into Sunday

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


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Why do those Queer Eye faggots keep coming back to Kansas City? Is it because there are so many other faggots that makes it easier to find some cock to suck?

Anonymous said...

^^You tell us.

Anonymous said...

They are coming here because they screw up places like San Francisco and can't afford to live there anymore so they start to migrate into our area and bring the same crap that ran them out before until they screw up our area and then they move on. They never learn. They just make life miserable for us. They ruin everything they touch, with their narrow minds. Look at what they have done in CA and they keep doing it over and over and over kinda like Doctor Demento.

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Until I can get the recalled Takada airbags replaced on my SUV, I always let Shenae sit on my lap!!!