Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The Kansas City Lunch News Serving

A midday offering of news items and health foodie consideration. Checkit:

Got Celeb: Demi Rose in tights out for LUNCH in Phuket

Huff Post: Here's How Food Cravings Affect Men And Women In Different Ways

Romper: Does Celery Juice Make You Poop? It Has A Reputation For Getting Things Moving

Closer to home these news links inspire a second look:

Serving Kansas City Greater Good

A Priest, A Chef and a Hunger to Feed Kansas City

The first man I serve has sunburned skin and is wearing a ripped T-shirt. "How is today going?" I ask. "Not well," he replies. I'm not sure how to reply. The man scratches at his side before pointing to baked chicken and roasted potatoes.

Cash For Church Lesson

Troost church fundraising for community center

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - St. Mark Hope and Peace Lutheran Church, located at 3800 Troost Ave., is looking to transform its 3,000 square-foot basement into the The Mark Youth and Community Center . The center would house cooking classes, a computer lab, tutoring, a recording studio and other amenities.

Pix From The Shawnee Swindle

Shawnee council seeks public approval for $38M community center - Kansas City Business Journal

The Shawnee City Council voted Monday night to put a proposed $38 million community center on a mail-in ballot in May. The proposed 67,000-square-foot facility, which includes an aquatic center, fitness center and several gyms, would be funded through a property tax increase that would cost the average Shawnee homeowner about $90 per year.

Head Start Job Skillz Life Lesson
Why Shawnee Mission Schools Are Helping Elementary Students Plan For Their Careers
Hipster Concert Declaration

The Chainsmokers, 5 Seconds of Summer to perform at Sprint Center on Nov.15

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Grammy Award-winning duo The Chainsmokers will perform in Kansas City this fall. The World Way Joy tour will stop at the Sprint Center on Nov. 15. Multi-platinum band 5 Seconds of Summer, who is featured on The Chainsmokers' latest single "Who Do You Love," will be joining all dates along with rising pop star Lennon Stella, who is opening the show.

Patrick Mahomes Confronts Hopes & Dreams Of The Fanboy Multitude

Arrowheadlines: Patrick Mahomes was 2018's most consistent fantasy quarterback

NFL future power rankings: Step aside, Patriots. It's time for the Colts and Chiefs | SB Nation It's not going to be easy for Patrick Mahomes to recreate his 50-touchdown season, but the Chiefs can feel safe that their offense is going to score a lot of points.

The Midday Weather Look

Chilly and windy Tuesday, much warmer Wednesday

Need to wash your car? Now is the time to do it.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

This thread doesn't seem that open to me. I only want to talk about DAT ASS!

Just Us for Mayonaise said...

Making Airports Great Again

Go Ahead Delete It said...

Big Bottom!

Anonymous said...

1:04 LMAO!

Anonymous said...

The race Kansas City Mayonnaise

Anonymous said...

Who will be the next Mayonnaise of Kansas City?


Anonymous said...

Demi Rose is a fat assed whore. She has a huge turdcutter.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ you say that like it's a bad thing. Be quiet gramps or you get no applesauce for lunch!

I love blogging said...

The ass and a link blast.

Me likes.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Ur an ass.

Anonymous said...

All that food landed in her gigantic ass! Hahahahaha!

Giant ass’s are so yesterday, time to bring back the hot normal ass babes!

Anonymous said...

When she walks it looks like two Pygmy’s wrestling in a burlap sack!

Just awful!

Lover of ass KC said...

^^^ That is not a bad thing. Stop being a sissy.

JoCoPost said...

This just in!
The husband of Councilwoman Lisa Bunnell just called me a racist and fear mongerer, on ShawneeMissionPost.com, Jay Senter's online paper that abhors controversy.

Posting here in case his ad hominem attack on me, and possible illegal electioneering and my response are deleted from that site. Only subscribers can comment.

Nick Bunnell tracy thomas • an hour ago
Are you really asking why she didn't report on your racist, fear-mongering screed? Perhaps she could have included your rumination on "self-entitled poor people." She was doing you a favor. Do you really think the city is going to let unsupervised minors run around the facility all day every day causing trouble? Get a grip.

There are decent, thoughtful arguments against this project. You aren't making any of them.

tracy thomas Nick Bunnell • a few seconds ago
Dear Mr.Bunnell, I don't need to be Mansplained or scolded. I don't need to "get a grip". And I don't need any favors from reporters who have not done the research that I have, with Finance Director, City Atty, Secretary of State, Ks. State Senator, and the marketing directors of cities and retailers suffering from bullying by gangs of unsupervised youth, as well as shoplifting that is also rampant and well documented.

I see you are married to Ward 3's newly appointed Councilwoman, Lisa Bunnell. (not the man who received 1700 votes from voters in the previous city elections.) should you be making such comments? Are you electioneering?

I believe your ad hominem attacks on me, calling me a racist and fear mongerer are clearly a violation of SMPost guidelines. My considerable experience supporting civil rights since 1968 speak for themselves.

Do I believe the city will not have the funds and on-site off duty cops to manage this rec center, if they have an incident? No.

2/12/19, 3:09 PM

Anonymous said...

^^you are a racist, She just needs to do a check on a few of your older posts. She'll see it. I hope she does!

Anonymous said...

^^^Only if you define racist to mean a person who does not believe all your bullshit or hop whenever you say frog.

Tracy Thomas/No More Taxes Shawnee said...

SMP (Shawnee Mission Post deleted both my post as "spam???" and the Councilwoman's husband's, as "violation of ad hominem attack rules".
But he claims to want all facts presented before public vote, so I reached out, with list of how to do that. Will eliminate confusion, non-transparency and the controversy over inserting a speculative memo, signed by Election Commissioner/former TV evangelist Ronnie Metsker, about a "maybe" mill levy increase that does not include interest on $38 million, which is "a big number".

Thank God for TKC. Where he does not censor.

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Nick Bunnell tracy thomas • 35 minutes ago
Well, I'm sorry your original post was deleted since we are lacking context now. But that's okay. The meeting was recorded and posted on the city's website, as you know. Anyone interested can listen to your comments and decide for themselves.

Also, as a registered voter in Shawnee, I am as entitled to speak as you are. It doesn't matter that my wife is on the council. I speak only for myself.

I want the voters to have all of the information prior to the May ballot, but it should be based on facts. Take care.

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tracy thomas Nick Bunnell • a minute ago
Nick, your comments, too, were deleted. And I believe your comments are what led to mine being deleted as well. We were both kicked off, leaving the readers going, "huh"? Thanks alot, dude. Hard to get the word out with a newspaper that does not like controversy!

All comments appear intact on www.tonyskansascity.com, rh column, Top Stories. As well as on No More Taxes Shawnee on FB.

OK, in your last graph, you state, sincerely I believe--that you want the voter to have all of the information prior to the May ballot. I agree.

So will you please ask your wife, the new Ward 3 Councilwoman, Lisa Bunnell (who replaced the accused sex predator teacher Justin Adrian who resigned) to immediately ask the City Manager, City Attorney, and Council to amend the ballot wording. Give the facts!
Say what it is, and what it is not.
This will eliminate the need for any "inserts" or never before allowed memo/speculations/illustrations/and non-binding verbiage-- by an Election commissioner, or the Mayor, or anyone else.

1. That the property tax increase has no sunset.
2. And cannot be repurposed in the future, once the GO bonds are paid off, for any new or different project. For Parks and Rec or any other department.
3. That $38 million does not contain the interest that will be paid to bond holders/investors since that will not be known until the bonds are sold.
4. That IF the mill levy is set, in July at 2.919 mills, to purchase a proposed 20 year bond, that current projections do not forecast this center ever being self sustaining.
5. The council maintains that it alone has the right to approve mill levy increases, not the public. As a currently allowable exception to the 2017 Ks. Tax Lid Bill.
6. If the council determines each year that it will require a higher mill levy than the guesstimate of 2.919 mills per year for building and maintaining operation of this one community center, at 61st and Woodland and nowhere else, Council reserves the right to raise that subsection of the mill levy, without another public vote...earmarked only to this specific project.
7. The Council maintains the option, however, of dipping into the General Fund as needed, possibly affecting funds for police and fire and other necessities.
8. This proposal calls for the City to hire and provide ongoing employee benefits to 17 new FT employees of Parks and Recreation.
9. There are no provisions herein for off duty police officers or the payment thereof from this or any other known source.

Anonymous said...

Tracist Thomas is really mad!

Anonymous said...

The sexy, sensuous and always mysteriously alluring Tracy hits the nail on the head and isn't mincing any words about it. Go get'em Tracy stay on their ass. .

Anonymous said...

Tracy Rocks!

Anonymous said...

Tracist like a mad bull. She is pissed and it’s quite funny. Can’t wait to see what’s next. These people had no idea who they were messing with.

Anonymous said...

A Priest, a Chef and a "Hunger To Feed" walk into a Bar...
the Bartender looks up and says "Is this a Joke?"

Anonymous said...

Tracy stop spamming this blog with your bullshit. Nobody wants to hear it.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Agreed.

Anonymous said...

I believe that all comments unrelated to ASS should be deleted!

Anonymous said...

I believe that all comments MADE by Asses(i.e. the two @7:58) should be deleted!

Disgruntled Taxpayer said...

Tony nails it, with the headline that won't go away:
The Shawnee Swindle.

Go get 'em, tracy and your FB page, No More Taxes Shawnee.
Cuz the STAR and the Shawnee Mission Post never saw a tax they didn't love.