Friday, February 08, 2019

The Kansas City Friday Cleanup

This one is just for the Kansas City news junkies and close readers of our blog community. Posted out of order but filled with important content and news items from throughout the week . . .

Kansas City Demands For Justice

Medical Drama Across The Bridge

More Turmoil Envelops North Kansas City Company That Took Over Rural Hospitals

Another hospital led by EmpowerHMS, the North Kansas City company that has defaulted on its bills and missed payroll at its hospitals over the last couple of months, is under new management. City officials said that Fulton Medical Center, a 37-bed acute-care hospital in Fulton, Missouri, is now being run by a management team led by its CEO, Mike Reece.

Clay County Youngster Death Denial

Clay County mother pleads not guilty to murdering her two young kids

LIBERTY, MO (KCTV) -- A Clay County mother charged with murdering her two young children faced a judge Thursday morning. Jenna Boedecker pleaded not guilty to two counts of second-degree murder. Her daughters, 2-year-old Ireland Ribando and 7-week-old Goodknight Ribando, were found dead in a car outside Boedecker's home near Kearney on July 4, 2018.

Sharing Golden Ghetto Data

KCK Inferno Tragedy

Woman dies after fire sweeps through KCK home

A woman in her 50s died Wednesday when fire swept through her home in Kansas City, Kansas.

Urban Core Blaze This Week
Fires strike Northeast Homes
Fighting For Youngsters

Former Johnson County Lawmaker Rooker Will Head Kansas Panel On Children's Issues

Kansas Democratic Governor Laura Kelly named former Republican Rep. Melissa Rooker on Thursday to help lead one of her signature initiatives. Kelly chose Rooker to head the Kansas Children's Cabinet, a 15-member group created in the late 1990s to guide state investments in early childhood programs. Rooker, a moderate Republican, represented a Johnson County district in the Kansas House for six years before narrowly losing last year to Democrat Rui Xu.

Meth Town Doggie Decision Forthcoming

Tech Helps Local Teens

Spotify teams up with Child Help Hotline to help teens

FAIRWAY, KS (KCTV) --There's a new ad that started running on Spotify this week and it's targeted to teens and children. The Child Help National Child Abuse Hotline wants to get the word out that you can now text the same hotline you've been able to call for the last 37 years.

Politicos Against Sunshine

Missouri lawmakers advance bill to limit open-records law

Missouri lawmakers on Monday advanced a proposal that one critic said would gut the state's open records law.House members in a voice vote gave initial approval to legislation that keeps records from being public if they are "received or prepared by or on behalf of a member of a public governmental body" and consist of "advice, opinions and recommendations in connection with the deliberative decision-making process of said body.""What that means is everything," Democratic Rep.

Show-Me Health Check Game

Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Yet Again A Sticking Point For Missouri Legislators

Missouri remains the only state without a statewide prescription drug monitoring program, though it is a step closer. Again. The House debated the bill, which aims to stop the overprescription of opioids, for more than four hours on Wednesday, casting an initial vote in favor. A final vote could come as soon as Thursday.

Kansas Tax Fight Underway

Clash in Kansas over tax relief quickly coming to a head

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly's election victory suggested that Kansas repudiated past GOP fiscal policies, yet voters also encouraged top Republicans to pursue income tax relief by giving conservatives more power in the Legislature. The contradiction is driving a political clash coming to a head quickly, with the state Senate debating a tax bill Wednesday.

No Data On Local Docs

Criminal histories, revoked medical privileges missing from Kansas doctors' records


Police Demand More Deets

Driving licenses should add extra information for first responders

FAIRWAY, KS (KCTV) -- A Missouri lawmaker wants drivers to be able to add a medical alert to their driver's license. It's an idea that's getting support from autism community members. They say police and first responders need that extra information. This is something most of us have probably never thought about.

Kansas Suspect Teachable Moment

Ex-Kansas volunteer volleyball coach charged in burglaries

LAWRENCE, KS (AP) - A 23-year-old former volunteer volleyball coach at the University of Kansas is charged with several burglaries and thefts of items such as underwear and swimming suits. Skyler Yee was charged Wednesday with 15 total counts, including four felony counts of burglary.

Show-Me Pork Chop Tech Needs

Without Reliable Internet, Missouri Businesses Can't Bring Home The Bacon

Swiss Meat and Sausage has been butchering animals and selling meats in a small, unincorporated east-central Missouri town for 50 years. Co-owner Janice Thomas wants to expand, and to do that, she'll need more business from out-of-town customers. "If there is one place that has some room, it's with our online ordering," she said.

Traffic Warning Against Dangerous Heartland Street Life

Sharing Murder Aftermath Memories

Barber shot in Kansas City Jazz District ran Taylor Made | The Kansas City Star

Jackie "JJ" Johnson's family gathered to tell the story of a Kansas City barber, entrepreneur and artist who was shot in the Jazz District at 18th and Vine. Johnson owned Taylor Made Barber Shop near 87th Street and Blue Ridge Boulevard.

Working KCMO Cold Case

Kansas City police reveal new leads in murdered teen's cold case

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- The Kansas City Police Department is teaming up with KCTV5's investigative unit to reveal new leads in old cases. "At this point what do I have to lose? Yeah, I'm willing to open the vault and show evidence. Maybe someone sees this and it triggers a memory, a thought or guilt," Sgt.

Fear Kansas City Spring Break

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