Thursday, February 28, 2019

The Kansas City Afternoon News Look

Let's call today, the fall of the angels . . .

L Brands to close 53 Victoria's Secret stores, says 'everything is on the table' for lingerie brand

Closer to home, here's a bevy of consumer and local news . . .

News Runs Local Booze Promo

Boulevard Brewing Co. taps Kansas City spirits to launch new cocktail line

Boulevard Brewing Co. has built a nationwide following for its iconic Tank 7 and Pale Ale beers, but now the brewer is launching its first line outside of beer.Boulevard has launched Fling Craft Cocktails, and it'll initially offer four all-natural, low-calorie, low-carbohydrate and gluten-free cocktails.

Kansas City Economy Update

Kansas City Fed sees slight growth; firms can't find workers

Respondents to the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City's monthly manufacturing survey reported slower growth in February, while expectations slipped. "Regional factories saw hardly any growth in February," said Chad Wilkerson, vice president and economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. "More than three-quarters of firms reported difficulties in finding workers, despite wage increases."

Newsie Shares Cancer Fight

Cynthia Newsome's cancer returns; she shares her own story

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - I could start with a simple declarative sentence revealing my new diagnosis, but I'm choosing a different path to tell this story. In order for you to truly understand the challenge I'm facing now, I need to take you back to what I thought was the final chapter in my breast cancer journey.

Show-Me Miscalculation

Oops! Missouri official says never mind on tax table mistake

Missouri Department of Revenue SOURCE: Missouri Department of Revenue Oops! Missouri Department of Revenue Director Joel Walters said last year that the state's tax withholding tables had been wrong for at least 15 years. He ordered changes to tables to prevent taxpayers from withholding too much money.On Wednesday, he said that was all a mistake.

Curtain Call For Local Actor

Harry Truman impersonator Raymond Starzmann of KC dead at 73 | The Kansas City Star

Raymond Starzmann brought history to life in Kansas City by portraying former president Harry S. Truman and other historical characters. He died at age 73 of complications from surgery.

This Week's Campaign Even
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard
No, It's Not

Kansas City Royals: Is it time for a new, downtown stadium?

Have you ever gone to Wrigley Field, with the stadium right in the heart of downtown Chicago? It is a feel that is becoming more prominent in Major League Baseball. In the coming years, the Kansas City Royals may fall into the trend as well.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Bob said...

Good luck Cynthia.

We GAve Her Everything Money Could Buy said...

Another millennial idiot with soft mush in her cranial cavity.

NO it's not time.

Marlboro Smith said...

Kansas City Fed sees slight growth; firms can't find workers.

Now that makes a lot of sense.

First Ones Free Kid said...

Boulevard Brewing Co.

They know how to push the beer and booze. At least they don't have to build secret tunnels.

Hale Abracadabrabookala said...

On Wednesday, he said that was all a mistake.

See! There is some honesty and competence.

Anonymous said...

Has Kings of Kauffman ever gone to Wrigley Field??

It is not in the heart of downtown. It isn't even in the vicinity of downtown.

It's about 8 miles or roughly the same distance as Kauffman is to our downtown.

People take the red line to the Addison St station where the neighborhood has added many restaurants and bars around the stadium over the years.

Now there's an idea. A transit line from Union Station to the Truman Sports complex, connecting fans to other parts of the city while removing traffic congestion and decreasing drunk driving.

Hyperblogal said...

Imagine all those cars coming into downtown.... we have a stadium and it works just fine and it's paid for.

Anonymous said...


“Then the kingdom of heaven will be like ten virgins who took their lamps and went to meet the bridegroom. Five of them were foolish, and five were wise."

I found the 5 foolish ones, and they're not really virgins!!!

Anonymous said...

Cynthia Newsome already saved lives by sharing her cancer journey the first time.

Now she is back for a repeat performance and will help educate the public and save more lives by taking us once again through a journey against recurrent cancer.

She will emerge on the other side of this battle as a victorious survivor.

Anonymous said...

Excellent points!

Anonymous said...

Also good luck Cynthia.

Anonymous said...

right after clay's high speed transit can move all the fans that go to games using public transportation.

Anonymous said...

the Star's editorial board can go fuck itself.

Anonymous said...

comparing the stadiums of KC and Chicago and their locations as similar case studies is not sane.

Anonymous said...

See you all at the new Stadium Groundbreaking!!!!!

Anonymous said...

After turning the Airport into a tethered goatfuck you really gonna trust them not to fuck up a downtown stadium?