Tech Seyz Kansas City Chiefs Win Super Bowl

More bold off-season predictions that are expressions of fanboy hope and not just the typical ploy to ramp up season ticket sales. Checkit:

Arrowheadlines: Chiefs ranked No. 1 in "computer power rankings" ahead of '19 season

Kansas City Chiefs Are No. 1 in Computer Power Ranking Heading Into Next Season | Scout The Chiefs 2019 season may look a lot like their 2018 season. Their neutral win percentage projects over 16 games to a similar record. The computer gives them a 16.3% chance of winning the Super Bowl making them a good value at 6/1, 14.3%.


  1. The computer sez... early spring!

  2. And your going to need a power strip. And oh printer cables those are extra. And the ink yes don't forget extra ink. And a mouse pad that's critical why not buy a few for the kids? Okay your cart still isn't full yet so let's go over to the computer security software aisle. Now this doubles as a football score predictor as well as protecting your privacy from Russian bots...

  3. Gopher Casey2/26/19, 9:20 AM

    I thought this was about KC's most successful musician of all time, the great Tech N9ne's pick for next season's winner. Everyone knows Tech is a huge Chiefs fan!


  4. Kansas City chiefs love suppression and have taken the great american pass time away from people. It's nothing more than a political show that attracts drunks and hard core people who are so inebriated they can't see it and don't care. Chiefs are not family and kid friendly.

  5. ^^You don't like it? Don't watch! Now go away before you get your pussy feelings hurt!!! Whaaaa!!!!!

  6. The Chiefs are nothing more than a political show! Whaaaa!!!!! It attracts drunks and hard core people! Whaaaa!!!! Chiefs are not family and kid friendly!!1 Whaaaaa!! You fucking pussy!

  7. So this self written article from the Chiefs, the team that has brought the KC area a super bowl title how many time in the past 49 years(?) = ZERO, must be behind schedule for selling season tickets.
    Their marketing department should be wrapping up the "50th Anniversary Season of Super Bowl" to grow the brand and sell season tickets. These are a bunch of losers and you're a sucker if you buy into this crap.
    Also they won't announce a parking fee increase until a week or two before the season begins. Mahomes is already praying to get traded to another team.


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