Friday, February 08, 2019

Sports Illustrated Curses Kansas City Chiefs

The failing sports mag predicts a local dynasty but let's not forget that they did their best to thwart the victory of Patrick Mahomes with a cover story curse.

Sadly, during the off-season, local fanboys mistkenly think this local glam coverage is a good sign. Checkit:

Sports Illustrated writers pick Chiefs as best bet to win Super Bowls through 2024

Writers for Sports Illustrated's MMQB went through an interesting exercise on Friday: predicting which NFL teams will win Super Bowls in the next five years. The most popular answer they gave? The Kansas City Chiefs. Ten MMQB writers made predictions: Mitch Goldich, Gary Gramling, Jonathan Jones, Kalyn Kahler, Robert Klemko, Bette Marston, Mark Mravic, Conor Orr, Tim Rohan and Jenny Vrentas.


Anonymous said...

The Earth is Flat on your large or small screen monitor.

northlander said...

well they better get some line on defense to rush the passer and a better safety if we are going to stop the passing game , and a running back. Please bring back Hunt . Give him a 2nd chance .

Anonymous said...

Nobody likes sports anymore. It's for rough people who don't keep their butt cracks clean.

Anonymous said...

^^ Voice of experience.