Sporting KC Talks Collapse Aftermath

The statement from the club offered assurane, here's a clip offering a peek at the stadium mishap . . .

Take a look:

Railing collapses after Sporting KC match sending fans spilling onto players

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) -- It's a startling sight Thursday night as fans were reaching out to players leaving the field after Sporting KC's match when a railing gave way, causing some fans to spill out right on top some of the players.


  1. Love the guy speaking in Spanish and at the very end clear as a bell in English he says while laughing his ass off I’m putting this on Facebook!

    What is it with Mexicans and fences? Lol!

  2. Wonder who will face charges over this? Better get Tracy on this.

  3. Tony, what’s up today? Editor taking the weekend off?
    “The statement from the club offered assurane, “

  4. Soccer is for pussies and third world shithole countries.

  5. Cha Ching...get the lawyer lined up man!


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