Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Socialism Or Consumer Protection??? Democratic Party Senators Stand Against Impending T-Mobile Sprint Acquisition!!!

A deal that will UNDOUBTEDLY cost thousands of Johnson County jobs earns opposition from some of the leading Democratic Party Prez candidate leaders like Sen. Cory Booker & Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Here's the latest:

Dems urge regulators to reject T-Mobile, Sprint merger

A group of eight Democratic senators on Tuesday sent lengthy letters to the Federal Communications Commission and Department of Justice (DOJ) spelling out the reasons why they want regulators to reject the proposed $26 billion merger between T-Mobile and Sprint.


Anonymous said...

Bernie must have gotten his Audi out of the garage and gotten to Capital Hill on time for a change.

Cheap Shit Sells said...

Just don't fuck with our Amazon deliveries.

Hyperblogal said...

If you take a good look at American business it's, ironically, the capitalists who are against competition. Look at how low prices are in healthcare with all the competition.

Anonymous said...

Does Sprint survive anyway if this deal doesn't go through? Legit question. TONS of debt coming due soon.

Anonymous said...

This just in:
Neither Sanders,nor Booker are "leaders" in the Democratic Party.
Bernie isn't even a Democrat.
And Booker is a showboat empty suit whose claim to fame so far is turning $100 million of Zuckerberg's money into thin air when he was mayor of Newark, and more recently proclaiming himself "Spartacus" during the Kavanaugh hearing, which he lost.
They should both spend more time on their hopeless presidential campaigns.
And then disappear.

seanot said...

So... The same crew that wants to eliminate what remains of competition in healthcare in order to benefit the consumer finds itself concerned over a lack of competition in telecommunications. That makes as much sense as discouraging smoking by increasing cigarette taxes while encouraging employment by increasing the minimum wage.

Anonymous said...

"...it's, ironically, the capitalists who are against competition." Not exactly. It's the big businesses that are against competition by smaller businesses. They shove down the small fry in various ways, for instance regulatory capture, assuring high costs of entry and compliance; and of course the old fashioned way to continued success, buying politicians.

Anonymous said...

Them damn Democrat Socialists better keep their filthy hands off my Social Security and Medicare!