Sunday, February 24, 2019

Show-Me Marijuana Drug War Lost: Missouri Weed Game Already Earning Big Money

Capitalism doesn't care about society's phony middle-class values inspired by the ghosts of Victorian morality . . . The profit motive is the only guiding light in the digital era and so the public numbing itself from pain is now a medical necessity, good law and one of the greatest new growth industries in Missouri.

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Medical Marijuana Hopefuls Have Already Earned Missouri $3 Million

Missouri's health department has already fielded more than 400 pre-applications from potential marijuana growers and sellers. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, which will administer the state's medical marijuana program, won't begin accepting formal applications for dispensaries, cultivation facilities and manufacturing plants until summer.


Gopher Casey said...

It sounds like these entrepreneurs are very busy with the upcoming green rush. I hope they are enjoying a nice sativa in the process, they will need it's uplifting, energetic effects for all of the work that they have yet to do. I recommend a nice Super Lemon Haze.

Reassuring Lies said...

Huge Opportunity to prosperity. More secure then gold.

Anonymous said...

Government is like organized crime, they go where the money is to be made.

VICES: smoking tobacco/marijuana, drinking alcohol, gambling, prostitution, etc.

Government is legalizing it all to profit from the tax revenue. Government is immoral, corrupt, and always inefficient.

Anonymous said...

Free the plant for all.

Grip Madlock said...

There is so much money to he made right now if you are willing to take the chance,top shelf pot in California is so abundant right now that you can score great smoke at what was commercial pot prices 5 years ago.