Friday, February 15, 2019


There's a lot of reasons that Senator Hawley shouldn't have to deal with this case SPARKED BY HIS OWN PARTY. But his defense FLUBBED this talking point and instead handed a weapon to his political enemies.

Let's not forget that he's taking shots at GOP Sen. Blunt over the border wall deal . . . All of these deets remind us that the Missouri GOP establishment isn't enamored with this upstart politico and that may or may not play to his advantage.

Take a look:

Hawley's attorneys say he shouldn't be deposed, in part, because he's a 'high-level public official'

JEFFERSON CITY * U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley won't be deposed by a Democrat running for Missouri attorney general without a fight. Attorneys for Hawley, a Republican who until January served as attorney general, on Thursday filed a motion to quash a subpoena by Elad Gross, a St.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't President Clinton subject to the legal process while President?

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Yes, and so was Nixon!

Also several Senators, McCarthy for example.

Anonymous said...

Impeachment or Recall?

Anonymous said...

Too soon to tell @6:51 - he is merely going to be deposed.
(Think of it as being questioned, with a legal penalty for lying.)
No criminal charges have been made yet, and no trial has been held.

The interesting situation occurs IF he were to be charged and convicted, there do not seem to be any "Congressional Immunity" provisions under law equivalent to the "Presidential" one, so he could be sentenced, and it would then apparently be up to the Senate to decide if he were to be removed from office or continue to serve while imprisoned.

Rabbi Fred Neulander said...

Hawley is just another shill for Washington DC's master, Israel.

Anonymous said...

Greitens still being investigated by Hawley?
Lol.... what a joke
Hairdressers deserve better