Sunday, February 03, 2019

Show-Me Fight For Life In Missouri Amid More Regulation Against Abortion

Some say it's a crackdown on reproductive freedom whilst others argue that it should be hard to kill another human. Here's a glimpse at the "heart" of the legislation: "The fetal heartbeat bill is based on the idea a fetus is a person as soon as it has a heartbeat. Fetal heartbeats may be detected beginning 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 weeks into a pregnancy using an internal ultrasound. However, it is generally not detectable using a standard ultrasound until between seven and eight weeks into a pregnancy."

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'Fetal heartbeat bill' sponsor says support is growing in Missouri

A dozen bills relating to abortions or women's rights concerning abortions have been proposed by Missouri lawmakers as of Thursday. Many of the bills have been floated before. But this year, there's a perception there will be more movement on bills like the "fetal heartbeat bill."


MDLQ said...

....Your god is the biggest abortionist.
More birth control is the way to cut down on abortions.

Anonymous said...

how about vasectomies, you keep making it the teen girls' problem to burden.
Bayer wants to give ladies hormonal IUDs that strip their utereus and they have zero periods, and they do not know the long term effects. Then the hormones get pissed out into the water system, turn all reptiles/fish into females, and gets into your drinking water.
SHort term effects on women turn them into agreeable sex toys with lame personalities, demonizing all the bitches with PMS. Men deserve to be the object of PMS, that the time of the month ladies have had it with all shit from the rest of the month.

Anonymous said...

then when the man is emotionally and financially ready, they can get their vasectomy reversed. FAR cheaper birth control pills (which the pharma companies probably do not like) and overall vastly better for the health of women. Minimal days of discomfort for men.

Anonymous said...

Award goes to 10;16 ^^^^ Bat Sh*% Crazy

Anonymous said...

That tie is an abortion.