Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Proprietors of a very good cause found themselves holding a sizeable stash that might help their cause and definitely proves the war against weed is just about finished. Checkit:

Marijuana brick worth $3K found in Missouri donation bin

SPRINGFIELD, MO (AP) -- Big Brothers Big Sisters is hoping that some good can come from the cellophane-wrapped marijuana brick that was dropped in a Springfield donation bin. The Springfield News-Leader reports that responding officers estimated that the pot had a street value of $3,000.


Anonymous said...

Any marijuana that is wrapped up in cling wrap as a brick is trash weed.

Anonymous said...

Brick back in the 90s was ok ... agree that ditchweed abounds these days. :(

Anonymous said...

A brick of weed is not worth 3000 dollars

Gopher Casey said...

Cops would be the last people I'd trust to place a dollar value on anything let alone Missouri skunk weed. Now it's possible a brick totaling a pound or so in weight of some fine California Kush or maybe even some Trainwreck OG would be worth $3K. The garbage was likely donated because its whack bud.