Saturday, February 02, 2019


Biz lawyer and Kansas City Mayoral Contender says:

"It is an honor to be endorsed from my lifelong friend, U.S. Senator Tim Kaine. As mayor I’ll connect our city and build our future. Thank you Tim for your support!"

TKC readers note that the guy is now THE CASH LEADER IN THE CONTEST and has garnered TWO big endorsements.

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Hyperblogal said...

I like Miller. He's now the only "none of the above" that isn't whacko.

Anonymous said...

Because there's nothing quite like a loser from Virginia to get you over the finish line on election day!
How about instead, taking some serious tough positions on issues of real importance to residents of KCMO?
Start with public safety.
Then street and sidewalk maintenance and repair.
Then just go right to honesty, integrity, prioritizing spending, and the real debt issues the city has.
You might just make yourself so different from the rest of the menagerie running that you win!

Anonymous said...

Miller is a nice guy but he needs to rethink having a failed V.P. candidate, who has the charisma of an enema, who went to school here a million years ago, and does not live here, campaign for you.

Miller doesn't need help to sell his message to voters.
He is more than capable of doing it himself.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you would want kaine's endorsement after not condemning VA Gov's racist,stupid actions.

Anonymous said...

Is Kaine gay or does he just act like he is ?

Anonymous said...

2:13 hE GRADUATED from Rockhurst High in KC. Probably got turned there.

Ask Bill Tammy to write a column about it.

Anonymous said...

Great, another guy from Johnson County telling Kansas Citians how to vote! Give me a break!!

And while we’re at it, ask Miller why he let the Buck O’Neil Bridge, a State Highway, fall apart while he was Chairman of MODOT, and then stick KCMO taxpayers with the repair bill?

Anonymous said...

2:42, if that's true, it would be a point in his favor. As Chair of MODOT, his allegiance was to all Missourians, not just Kansas Citians. If he spared most Missourians the expense of a Kansas City bridge repair, he did his duty well!

Anonymous said...

Actually, Miller was Chair of the Missouri Highway Commission. Under his leadership 75% of revenue for highways came from metro KC/StL, but only 50% of expenditures were in metro KC/StL!

Anonymous said...

Well, he went to Rockhurst so he probably is gay.

Anonymous said...

I'd been thinking Steve Miller was clearly the best candidate in the Mayor's race, but this actually lowers my opinion of him. Very bad endorsement, even though he went to Rockhurst High with Kaine.

Tim Kaine is an asshole.
He was groomed by the Coro Foundation and funneled upward.
In between law school years he affiliated with homosexual Honduran Jesuits linked to the CIA who were aiding in identifying and executing perceived communist sympathizers, including other priests and nuns.
Kaine married a homely law school classmate who's father had been the Governor of Virginia.
Kaine served as Lt. Gov. for homosexual VA Gov. Mark Warner and succeeded him as the next Governor.
Kaine joined the Clinton Crime Cartel and was Hillary's VP pick.
Kaine's son got arrested for drug abuse.

Here's a sanitized version from the NYTimes preceding the 2016 election.