Public Radio: Show-Me Fight For Missouri Abortion Infanticide Ramping Up

Death advocates in soothing whispers mistake a health issue for the greatest modern day atrocity in world history. Here's their argument:

A Roe v. Wade challenge could be coming. Will it come to Missouri?


  1. The God's of Liberalism will be upset.

  2. And George Tiller is still dead from lead to the head.


  3. Democrats are for killing! They all just voted to let a women have late term abortion and then discuss if they want to let it die or save it while the baby is laying on a table dying.

    Pretty sick people! No different than Ted Bundy or Kansas City's own Bob Berdella!

    You women who kill your babies stay away from me! You're the worst murders in the history of mankind.

  4. Murder. It is nothing else. It couldn't be more clear. Why do they want to murder their own children?

    If you don't want children... take the pill. Duh.

  5. vasectomies 4 more effective cost savings!

  6. Babies - those things that are born out of their mothers bodies!
    Key words BORN and OUT!

    You crazy Bible Thumpers aren't talking about BABIES!

  7. ^^^The Democrats in the Senate just defeated a bill that would have protected babies who were BORN and OUT. Nw we're talking about BABIES, and the DEMS say kill 'em.

  8. Byron Funkhouser2/26/19, 10:58 PM

    ^^Not really, but you keep watching Faux News.

    Only 1.5 percent of abortions are late term & they are only even considered when the life of the mother is in danger. These are not elective abortions, these medical emergencies.

    The bill in question would have punished doctors for saving a woman's life.

    This is why this bill was rejected.

    Pro-life men are assholes.


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