Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Public Radio Newsies Proclaim: Kansas City Condemns United Methodist Church!?!?!

Here's one of many reports going out of the way to criticize a faith community and offer a litany of testimony against their practices . . . Check the culture war JOURNALISM that, strangely, garnered more effort than most municipal affairs that cost taxpayers big bucks. You decide . . .

Kansas City Pastors Denounce United Methodist's Ban On Same-Sex Marriages


JoCoPost said...

This is exactly like when Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the Church (aka holy Roman and Catholic church) door and left.
A very important year, clearly.

Luther protested the selling of indulgences. (which were paid get of of purgatory free cards).

The Traditionalists have no idea who they are messing with. Pastor Adam Hamilton defied the Methodist church when he started Church of the Resurrection. The first of SEVEN congregations he build. The Traditionalists had a circuit rider approach to ministry. Forced ministers to leave after five years. Kinda like an extended one term in office.

Well, Hamilton said, I'm not doin' it. Not doing the cupping (he delivered coffee mugs to first time visitors' doors, including mine.)
And no, I am not a member.

He said, I'm not working my ass off to enterprise a congregation, and then leaving and doing it somewhere else. I'm not your marketing intern.

They caved. He has stayed, and now counts 22,000 congregants. So much for destroying an archaic marketing and enrollment model.

So--I'd bet on Hamilton. Nobody cares really what a Protestant denomination is called. They come for the music and the message, and in the case of COR, for the NETWORKING!! The sense of belonging.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Adam Hamilton. He knew the Methodists didn’t condone homosexuality before he sucked his first cock or got buttfucked.

Anonymous said...

Surprise...not! The politically liberal staff of KCUR/NPR are serving as the propaganda wing for the Democratic Party, which is sliding ever more leftward.

LGBT issues are a significant portion of their political activism which attempts to divide society into narrow special-interest groups. They're using race, gender, sexual identity, and income to shred any remaining cohesiveness in the fabric of society.

A majority of Americans are accepting of homosexuals, in that they tolerate the difference and wish them no harm. They don't care, and honestly don't even want to know. Live your own life without forcing your minority views onto the majority.

Especially in the field of religion, where tradition and morality have a foundation of thousands of years, asking to abolish longstanding moral code is a liberal wet-dream. They want to fracture the 2-parent nuclear family, make the Ten Commandments hate speech, promote the unattached unaffiliated individual as superior because it's easier to enslave rootless people, and indoctrinate the children at ever earlier ages.

In the future near you:
Marriage is abolished or it's simply allowed to fade away.
Race, gender, and sexual identity are fluid and can change day-to-day.
Public school students reside on campus, but have optional weekend visits with family.
Everyone in society is tracked/monitored and your rights are dependent upon compliance with government mandates.
Most private property is abolished, and people must use government-issued debit cards for everyday purchases.
All internet sites must be licensed by the government.
The U.S. Constitution is a historical document only.

Anonymous said...

10:04 So true.

Woody Pfister said...

That dude builds ugly churches

Anonymous said...

The dude has gotten rich...I remember him talking about the cost+/benefit analysis of certain demographics v. Others. And the dude has made a huge living off of hawking his books about how he doesn't really believe the bible. But we are supposed t believe Adam Hamilton.

Anonymous said...

And remember the two ministers there, including one who was supposedly lining up as a successor who got caught screwing each other...even though they were both married to other people. If you are a member you got the damage control document h e circulated...PRICELESS!

Anonymous said...

If church cannot pick it members who can ? Back in closet sickos.

Anonymous said...

^^^Straight to hell loser. It's coming, you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

^^ he'll meet you there.

Anonymous said...

If all the homosexuals left COR, there would be less than 300 left.

Anonymous said...

^^^It would still leave enough cock for you to suck Nancy.

Anonymous said...

Tracy-I think that was 1517.

I suppose the church has the right to be as homophobic as it wants. It's not like there are no other churches to go to.

Anonymous said...

If the SOME of the United Methodist Church's would live by the word of God they would know that Homosexuality is an abomination and perversion. They are welcome at true Christian churches but their lifestyle will never be accepted as O.K. or Godly.

Calling God homophobic just because you don't agree with him is a pretty scary thing to do. Some people only want to hear what their itching ears want to hear. It's called avoiding conviction.

Anonymous said...

^^Or, maybe get this, worry about your own salvation. How about we all do that? Let's not cast judgement on anybody. Clean up your own backyard and worry about your own stairway to heaven. We would all be better off if we adhered to that.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Are you sure you're not confusing god with the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus?

Anonymous said...

Considering that KCUR is a government funded radio station I want to know why all the "Freedom from Religion" Atheists aren't bitching about the station delving into spiritual matters?