Sunday, February 17, 2019

Prep For EPIC Winter Bills Powered By KCP&L Eternal Surveillance

Credit where it's due . . . They have kept the lights on during this latest winter blast but the cost of that should be hefty and lead to a Springtime Surprise in a few weeks. Read more:

New meters keep 24-hour watch on your energy

It's not a butterfly flapping its wings, but a falling tree 15 years ago is about to change the way the electric company tracks power usage in St. Joseph. In August of 2003, falling trees caused a cascading power outage that left 50 million customers in the dark throughout the Northeast and Canada.


Anonymous said...

“We are sort of operating in the Wild West of the internet of things.”

Oh so you don't really know what your doing just admit it. LOL

Anonymous said...

1984 35 years and counting.

Super Dave said...

My power bill has gone down and I also received a credit last month. I have KCPL and it is all due to the merger with Weststar. Reduced rates that were implemented in late September 2018. Savings were also passed to customers through an initial bill credit in December 2018. I'll also see a bill credit on my February or March bill. The more credits will are to be applied from 2020 – 2022.

Anonymous said...

I see numerous recent ads where Spire is bragging on themselves. Makes me wonder if we should anticipate rate increases in the offing.

Anonymous said...

Per above comments: My annual elec bills past 5 yrs.

2018 $1549

2017 $1486

2016 $1504

2015 $1567

2014 $1220

No real complaint here.