Monday, February 04, 2019

One Of Missouri's Favorite Politicos Also Endured 'Black Face' Disclosure

Quick remembrance of a Democratic Party dude who earned a lot of love from both left & right but also admitted his college days were racist. Take a look:

Raasch: 20 years before Northam's blackface scandal, Missouri's Carnahan survived a similar disclosure

WASHINGTON * Just short of a year before his death in a plane crash, then-Missouri Gov. Mel Carnahan found himself in much the same situation that Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam does today. Carnahan accused Ashcroft of racism when Ashcroft opposed a federal judgeship for Ronnie White, the first black Missouri Supreme Court justice.


Anonymous said...

Remember when Missouri Democrats voted in a dead guy?

Anonymous said...

Yeah ashcroft lost to dead Mel lol. He had a pretty soft landing though ending up Bush's atty general.

Anonymous said...

The same Ronnie White who had such trouble passing the Missouri Bar Examination? Yeah, he'd be a great federal judge, since so many of them don't much care what the law is anyway.

Anonymous said...

If Northam wanted to do a Michael Jackson impression, why'd he use blackface?

Didn't he know how many hundreds of thousands of dollars Jackson had spent trying to look white?

Anonymous said...

I’m having a blackface party this Halloween. Everyone has to come in blackface. We’re gonna eat chicken and sing spirituals.