Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Newspaper Seyz NO GUN RIGHTS Aboard Kansas City Public Transit

Check dead-tree media actively advocating against constitutional protections despite growing threats of violence. Read more:

Legislation would allow guns on KC streetcars and buses | The Kansas City Star

A bill in the Missouri General Assembly would permit concealed carry on buses and streetcars. But Kansas City transit officials strongly oppose the idea, citing the dangers of loaded guns in often crowded spaces.


Anonymous said...

I carry everywhere. All they can do is ask you to leave.

Anonymous said...

^^ +1000

Anonymous said...

If this bill does not pass, the gang bangers will be so disappointed! Because unless the law allows it, they won't be able to carry their guns onto buses and trains! Just like they have to leave their guns outside whenever they enter a building that has a sign saying no guns allowed on premises. Maybe they should hire a lobbyist to get that bill passed!