Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Newspaper Downplays Taxpayer Cash Whilst Counting Money For Kansas City Chiefs

Here's a boring write-up of an impressive ripoff that Dead-Tree Media didn't have enough guts to run during the playoffs . . . Now, the report is past its expiration date and mostly just seems to compliment the last remaining staffers on their research skills. Read more for all of the good stuff buried:

Kansas City Chiefs' sealed tax docs outline teams finances | The Kansas City Star

Before the NFL's 32 teams became the billion-dollar enterprises they are today, the Kansas City Chiefs were a break-even business with lots of overhead. Or so the Chiefs portrayed themselves. "It's an expensive operation," the team's chairman and chief executive, the late Jack Steadman, told The Star in 1992 after a rare trove of financial documents emerged in a lawsuit titled McNeil vs the NFL.


Anonymous said...

Wow, if only the fish wrapper Star dared to do this kind of reporting on 12th and Oak, they might regain some of the respect they lost over 30 years ago, before they became leftist policy wonks. Just a glimpse of their former glory.

Anonymous said...

The star was banking on a chief super bowl run to help sell papers. Sucks to see a once great newspaper turn gutless and cast shame on all those who once worked there

Anonymous said...

Karma is a bitch.
Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.
Short McClatchy stock and make a mint!