Friday, February 22, 2019

Newsflash!!! Jeff Roe GOP Polling Firm Picks Political Homies For Kansas City Mayor But Hedges Bets Because They Don't Know!!!

This bit of "news" doesn't shouldn't really inspire much angst because it's important to know how the top Republican consultant in Kansas City sees this contest. Still, it's more opinion than data given the cozy relationship betwixt Steve Miller & the mystery "Ingress Strategies" i.e. everybody suspects Mr. Miller is working with Roe's Axiom Strategies and he's probably smart to keep it on the down low but even smarter to use their help.

Take a look:

Independent poll shows KC's mayoral race wide open

We're five weeks away from the primary in the Kansas City mayor's race and a new, independent poll shows it is a wide-open race.The independent poll from Remington Research shows many voters have not settled on a choice.The survey of 485 likely voters shows City Councilwoman Jolie Justus leading with 18 percent and lawyer Steve Miller with 15 percent, but 29 percent are undecided.


Anonymous said...

18% of the vote is same as nothing.

Anonymous said...

Jolie eats a lot of pussy

JoCoPost said...

Jeff Roe cost Ted Cruz the Presidency when he advised him in the Iowa primary in 2016 to LIE to voters and claim Ben Carson had dropped out of the race. When he'd just gone home to get a few more blue shirts and check on his family.

Jeff Roe lost BiState II AND Big Soccer. To my team, who educated voters not to subsidize millionaires. We were outspent 112 to 1. We saved taxpayers over $2.4 billion by rejecting Jeff Roe's advice and advertising.

So do I believe either of those candidates will be the next Mayor?

Hell no. But he earned his fee this week, by pretending it was so.

When BiState II was losing in the polls, Pat Gray (rest in purgatory) and Jeff Roe went to Lamar Hunt (who at least was never caught buying sex from a trafficked teen like Robert Kraft of the Patriots).

Roe and Gray said, and I quote because Gray told me so, "Lamar, we're so close. But $2 million won't get us over the finish line. We just need another million bucks!"

Lamar Hunt wrote the check. Pat Gray and Jeff Roe went to the bank.
Lost the ballot measure. Only got 46% of the votes. But got rich.


Tracy Thomas
No More Taxes Shawnee on FB

Anonymous said...

"Undecided" is MediaSpeak for "another damn Chastain supporter"!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely anybody but Jolie Justus!!!