Sunday, February 17, 2019

Mourning Lady Killed In Missouri Pile-Up

The dramatic footage made national news but here's an important look at the tragic human toll:

Family IDs victim in fatal 47-car I-70 crash near Oak Grove

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Linda Henderson of Platte City, Missouri, has been identified as the woman who died in a 47-vehicle pile-up Friday on westbound Interstate 70 near Oak Grove, Missouri. The family announced that Henderson, 74, - "our beloved and incredible Mother, Grandmother, Girl Scout Leader, and loving woman" - died from injuries sustained in the crash.


Anonymous said...

This is another reason to limit age of older drivers.
He could have killed others. No business on the streets in that weather..
Hope a law will put limits on people in abvanced age be tested for the ability to operate a motor vehicles.

Anonymous said...

Damn right! Geezers fuck up everything!

Anonymous said...

9:21 read the story you asshole, he didn't cause the wreck a fucking 44 year old semi driver going to fast probably high on speed did.

Might add, FUCK YOU 9:52

Anonymous said...

Double FUCK YOU 9:52

Anonymous said...

Hey 11:41 are you a speed junkie truck driver. Must be you dip shit.