Friday, February 08, 2019

Missouri GOP Hates Sunshine?!?!?

Actually, the bigger deal is probably the Medicaid cutback that might kill more than a few local po'folk. However, this ethics debate makes for a fun distraction whilst waiting in the doctor's office:

Republicans continued to attack democracy as the Missouri GOP fights to roll back voter-approved sunshine law

Last November, Missouri voters overwhelmingly passed Clean Missouri, a constitutional amendment to extend the state's open records laws to the state legislature, which has long been exempt from them. It was enacted with 62 percent of the vote. So naturally, Republicans in the state legislature ar


Anonymous said...

I defy anyone to tell me why sunshine laws are a bad thing. Why do Republicans always do this shit?

Anonymous said...

Because the GOP is pound for pound the most corrupt, Fascist organization in the world today. Occam's Razor.

Retro ROCKER said...

There is Corruption on all sides. I know many instances. There are a few politicians in CLAY COUNTY THAT AFTER THE AUDIT. WILL BE SPENDING SOME TIME WITH a former Jackson County Executive.

Anonymous said...

There's that "both sides" bullshit again. The Pubs are a crime syndicate, plain and simple. Are Democrats innocent? Of course not but they've got nothing on what Pubs are doing today. They don't even try to hide it anymore.

Anonymous said...

Actually, this time "Retro Rocker" @5:00 has a point.

The two Commissioners who are in such a panic and frantically pissing away taxpayer's money on Lawyers to try to delay the Audit are each from both Parties.

Luanne Ridgeway is Republican, and Gene Owen a Democrat.
I guess this can be viewed as a microcosm demonstrating that political ideology has no effect on nefariousness.

Anonymous said...

GOP fascist? Now that's funny? It's pretty obvious you dumb ass democrats didn't research what you were voting for when you voted for #1. But yet you democrats embrace socialism and you call us fascists????


Anonymous said...

^^^They don't just embrace socialism, they dry hump it.

And I doubt they know what fascism is, so they just label anything they don't like as fascist. Not serious thinkers.