Saturday, February 02, 2019

Local Legacy Radio Daze: Lazlo Plays Nice Whilst Ex-Wife Afentra Seeks To Destroy Him

Kansas City terrestrial broken family drama whilst the NextGen listens to satellite radio or streams music via mobile phone.

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lazlo on Twitter

I don't look at it like "it's on!" "I'm going to beat my ex" "I'm going to win" I see it as I want the mother of my children to be happy and successful. I want our children to feel loved. When my boys asked me this morning "who do we root for?"


Anonymous said...

Agente a is too fat even for radio

Anonymous said...

They're both losers.

Anonymous said...

Why would his kids even think to ask that question??? It's bizarre.

Anonymous said...

Afentra has more fat on her than a hog does. She must have eaten a lot of food to get so obese. She is very fat.

Barney Frank said...