Thursday, February 07, 2019


A longstanding issue over living arrangements resurfaces as more locals question the deal despite political leaders pleading with the public to let it go. Read more:

Local attorney calls for investigation of KCK police chief

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A local attorney is calling for a criminal investigation of the KCK Police Chief's lease deal with the Unified Government (UG) to rent a taxpayer owned house as his residence. Henry Service calls that deal for Chief Terry Zeigler problematic.


Anonymous said...

What about the sweetheart deals for the rest of the officials? Why pick on just one guy, go get them all

Anonymous said...

This is still a nothing burger.

Anonymous said...

^^^ yeah, just regular old KCK corruption. Fun times!

Anonymous said...

The cops in KCK have always been crooked as fuck. It’s part of their inbreeding in Wyandotte. The firemen are worse.

Anonymous said...

Uh . . . If I take the day off to work another job for KCMO, I'm not double-dipping. What I do with my time is my business. If I am supposed to be working the primary assignment, yet go and work the secondary, THAT'S double-dipping.

What's next, pulling a pension AND funds from another retirement vehicle (401, 457, Roth) labeled double-dipping.

Sit tight, Chief Terry, this mud won't stick.

Anonymous said...

11:02 what a staggering sense of entitlement this man and you must have to defend this. It is triple dipping from the taxpayers. Chief earns 600 a day from his job. Keeps that. Calls in sick but claims reimbursements for time spent fixing up the property. Keeps that. All on top of a rent free lakeside house no bid with no outside oversight. He is so entitled he doesn't even seem embarrassed. This is graft. This is way more money at issue than what got Sanders in trouble over in Jackson county. And look at the fine reporting done and the details of the discrepancies in claimed time and claimed work that someone else did. It is filing fraudulent statements too.

But I'm sure mayor alvey is all over it - ha yeah right. He couldn't care less about Wyandot county taxpayers. He just needs to keep anyone from asking any questions about the police and fire unions.