Thursday, February 07, 2019

KC Blogger Considers Islam Vs. Liberty

Worthwhile book review and suggested reading for those curious souls looking for insight beyond idiot partisan talking points spouted mostly by paid shills who are actually promoting the next corporate-sponsored war . . . Read more:

Is Islam compatible with religious freedom? 2-7-19


Cee Bee said...

First of all, Democracies don't work. Democracy is 2 wolves and a sheep voting on what is for dinner. The tyranny of the majority was known as a hazard to good government thousands of years ago.
Here in the US we have a Republic, even though Progressives have been trying to water it down. Their latest salvo has been against the Electoral College. They have been trying to get people to vote to confiscate the property of others. This scheme is known as socialism.

As to the point of the article concerning Islam, it is incompatible with any other system besides Islam. The author fails to identify that Islam is both a religious AND a political system. Many Islamic countries had small pockets of Jews and Christians not very long ago.
Most countries where Islam reigns were converted by the sword and continue to incorporate systems of suzerainty and dhimmi. If you are unfamiliar with these words, you should look them up, because Islam as a political entity cannot be understood without them.

Islam may have from time to time allowed small religious minorities to EXIST. Never thrive or prosper. Always subject to persecution and taxation. And even those have been largely eliminated in the Middle East.

And before you go away thinking that this kind of thing is all in the ancient past, that Turkey killed 1.5 million Armenians about 100 years ago.

chuck said...

Sure, you could remember conferences that you attended ca 20 years ago, ask someone from fuckin Notre Dame for Christs sakes (HUh?), or, maybe just google what happened during the "Arab Spring". There are NO "Hearts and Minds" in Islam for you to hypnotize and no rose colored glasses that we can sport which will deny the truth. The differences in culture, make the chasm between the Occident and Islam at this point insurmountable for the foreseeable future.

How about this? From PEW, hardly a bastion of conservative thought.


It is NOT gonna happen. Arabs of all stripes and colors are NOT pining for a Ford F150, blue jeans and the sounds of Country Music any more than they are a new Escalade and the sound of Motown, Snoop and NWA.

Listen to this horse shit---

" In the remaining three-fourths, he finds that 40 percent are governed not by Islamists, but by a hostile secularism imported from the West,..."

You just had to KNOW it!! Fuck yeah!! It's your fault whitey!! " Hostile secularism imported from the west". Jesus!! Goebbels is embarrassed turning over in his grave.

What a load of crap. We all just found out, that they have been murdering the fuck out of each other in the middle east since the bronze age, because of the sins of America.

Progressive, presdigitational propaganda.

Elizabeth Warren said...

As a member of the Al Balawi Tribe, I can tell you now, categorically, that we do support Democracy!! In addition, that goat lies!!!

Elizabeth Warren said...

Full disclosure, I once wore "Blackface" under my Burka in Oklahoma as a little girl growing up. Only once and I didn't inhale.

Anonymous said...

Allah sucks goat dick. All Muslims do. Their women crave American men.

Anonymous said...

^^^ +100000

Anonymous said...

Islam is a death cult and should be eliminated.

Anonymous said...

Muslims throw gays off the rooftops regularly and moderate followers support it yet libs still defend that shit and bringing them into our countries. Mental disorder

Anonymous said...

^^Listen to these pants-shitters bitch! Wish I was as easily triggered as you old geezers! The good news is you'll all be dead soon and the rest of us won't be subject to your Islam-meltdowns. Bunch of losers!

Anonymous said...

So you’re saying Muslims aren’t all bad?

Anonymous said...

^^No, I'm saying hateful, good-for-nothing, old people are the worst.

Anonymous said...

^^Calm down, little man. Shoot some fentanyl and kick back. You'll feel much better, I promise!

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Billy Tammy or his pals at the KANSAS CITY ATHEIST COATITION to make excuses for MOOSLIMS while they attack Israel and Christians.


Eeeeeewwwwww!!! EVIL!!! said...

PBS:Frontline--Dancing Boys of Afghanistan, a 2010 documentary that illustrates what hypocritical, nasty muzzie scuzzies do--sex slavery and closet homo sick sh*t with young boys.

Look up BACHA BAZI (forced trans roles for boys,pedo grossness) and BACHA POSH (forced trans roles for young girls).