Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Kansas Tax Relief = Corporate Welfare

Republicans work double duty diligently to put the Granny Kelly agenda to a full stop whilst offering more perks for their patrons in what is tantamount to big biz socialism that rarely benefits consumer plebs invariably forced to pick up the slack. Checkit:

Senate President Says Tax Relief Bill Necessary, Governor Disagrees

Monday, February 11th, 2019, by Kansas News Service The Republican President of the Kansas Senate is warning Democratic Governor Laura Kelly not to veto a massive tax relief bill that could soon be on its way to her desk. More from Jim McLean of the Kansas News Service.


Anonymous said...

As a Kansas taxpayer (several thousand dollars a year) why is the legislature giving tax breaks? I think the prudent, yet uncomfortable, thing would be to 1st - build a reserve fund and 2nd - fund state pensions and 3rd- get the Supremes off the legislatures back with school funding.

Anonymous said...

They are only following the KC democrats leadership of tax breaks for the 1%.

Anonymous said...

The Kansas GOP is stuck on stupid.

Brownback's tax cuts were a complete failure.

So let's do it again!

Anonymous said...

4:01---You're right on the money (pardon the pun). Waggle's even more looneytoons that Brownback and the Topeka Taliban didn't learn the first time.

Anonymous said...

Jesus 12:17, take your head out of your ass and face reality. Trump's tax cut was entirely for the 1%. That is undeniable. The largest tax increase in state history was done by Brownback. That is undeniable. These are facts. You should try reading non-fiction books. Stop watching Fox. You are being lied to and you believe it. Stop being so fucking gullible. Done your taxes yet? Get ready to get kicked in the nuts. That 100 bucks a month extra you were bringing home isn't going to cover the extra you owe this year. You can thank Trump for that. The last thing Kansas needs is more corporate welfare. Hell, our farmers already get tons of welfare, I mean subsidies.