Friday, February 22, 2019

Kansas Schlitterbahn FAIL Postscript

Legal opinion on one of the most painful legal rulings Kansas has suffered in the past few years. Check the breakdown:

Attorney says tossing of Schlitterbahn charges 'very rare'

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - The Kansas Attorney General or Wyandotte County prosecutor can still try Schlitterbahn management, despite Friday's case dismissal by a Wyandotte County judge. "It is something that happens very rarely," criminal defense attorney Greg Watt said. Watt has no connections to the Schlitterbahn case.


Anonymous said...

Very rare except when totally frivolous. Look at the record - last year, two maintenance workers who had been indicted for lying to investigators were acquitted. And earlier this year, two charges related to allegations that Miles had obstructed the investigation were dropped. A total A travesty of justice!

Disgruntled Taxpayer said...

See Tracy's column on

Anonymous said...

Wowser, Tracy knows this case. And presents a bombshell explanation for why a UG judge would NOT want the case to go forward. How Derek Schmidt might have thrown the case, and how Jeff Henry is the OJ Simpson of the Schlitterbahn empire.

Big stuff. On

Anonymous said...

I feel like this case could be the subject of HBO's True Detective season 4.

The cover up just might go that fucking deep, people.

Anonymous said...

Who is the judge's first cousin?

Anonymous said...

Who has the kids head?