Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Kansas Safe Space OR Cash Conspiracy?!?!

The sordid topic of education is under debate again as politicos balance protecting the budget vs. protecting students. The tough balance is doing neither. Read more:

Private Schools Proposed As An Escape From Bullying, But Opponents See A Grab For Public Funding

A bill in the Kansas Legislature would let students escape bullying by transferring to a new school, either public or private. But critics say the bill is little more than an attempt to send state dollars meant for public schools to private alternatives.


Anonymous said...

How about a separate school for learners and a another building for don't want to's.

Barney Frank said...

We already have that,its Hickman Mills.

Anonymous said...

The Kansas taxpayer is already shelling out $14,000 per pupil annually.
We have private schools in Topeka and KC that run between $2400-$7000 per pupil depending on the grade.

Math is a thing.

At the rate we are increasing public school spending it will be cheaper to send a kid to a private boarding school than you local USD in 2 decades.