Sunday, February 10, 2019

Kansas Royals Season Of Hype 2019 Awaits

A preview of talking points for another losing local season that is powered by sports talkers all the way up to playoff season. Remember that half of the teams in the league don't really care about winning and the home team is on that list. Read more:

Kansas City Royals: Dayton Moore has high hopes for 2019

The term "rebuild" is not being used to describe the state of the Kansas City Royals. Dayton Moore has prohibited it from talks. The use of the word would almost serve as an excuse if the 2019 season is not one to remember.


Anonymous said...

Nah, I’m done with the Royals. After seeing what happend to the back to back World Series it was chopped apart for trades and profit. Proved to me this isn’t a championship town. The Royals have been a gutter team forever, and under glass...after their quick lucky streak it’s back to business as usual. Yeah you got lucky with some draft picks back them who produced better than expected, and then prized on local loyalty.

Save your money. Buy a gym membership instead of tickets. You will get so much more out of it. The whole “crown town” thing is over with.

Need a reminder? 2018 Royals: 58-104. Out of 162 games they could only win 54. That’s the Royals I remember growing up.

Anonymous said...

^^No. I do what I want with my money. You go buy a life. Telling other's what to do with their money at 4:43AM, you failed at life buddy. Fuck off!

Anonymous said...

^^ Kiss your mother with that mouth?

Anonymous said...

^^^No, I tongue your wife with it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if Dayton let the boys in blue watch some porn and jackoff every now and then they'd play better? I mean, you can't go to bat with a loaded gun...amirite?

Anonymous said...

4:43, how is being in two back-to-back World Series a "lucky streak"?