Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Kansas Money Bags Claims Prez Trump Connection During Cohen Testimony

A glimpse at a Sunflower State kingmaker itching to get into the national media spotlight in the midst of proceedings that might (but probably won't) provide regime change. Read more:

Phil Ruffin reveals Trump hotel payment after Cohen hearing | McClatchy Washington Bureau

Billionaire Phil Ruffin says he's the anonymous Kansas businessman who was referenced during Wednesday's marathon questioning of President Donald Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen.


Anonymous said...

You dems get your rocks off today with this latest feeble attempt at hanging on to power?


JoCoPost said...

Finally, a STAR reporter does some great reporting and solves a mystery--the same day the story broke! Good work, Bryan Lowry.
Now McClatchy just needs to clone this reporter 24 times, to make up for his teammates who just took the buyout.
Oh wait. Cloning is illegal in Kansas.

Thank you, Tony, for sharing this. Answered a nagging question.
Tracy Thomas

JoCoPost said...

One more thing...
I haven't looked, but was this reported back when it actually happened?

And why did some unknown California Congresswoman know the story? Was she dating the guy?